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Several injured in explosion outside of Ukraine legislature

ImageA number of people have been injured in an explosion outside of the Ukrainian parliament in Kyiv. This came as lawmakers met to pass constitutional amendment meant to end the fighting in the east of the country.

Eastern Germany

Eastern Germany 'more susceptible' to 'xenophobic radicalization'

ImageRecent violent protests against a refugees' shelter have sparked a debate about right-wing extremism in Germany. A prominent politician from the west of the country has said the problem is worse in the east.


EU Parliament President Schulz criticizes 'egotism' with intake of refugees

ImageEU Parliament President Schulz has called out EU states on Monday for selfish "egotism" in the acceptance and relocation of refugees. He blamed a lack of European solidarity for the disorganization of the refugee crisis.


Hungary calls for Schengen rules clarification

Budapest asked for Germany's clarification on Schengen travel rules, as most migrants cross into Hungary and then head for northern Europe. Berlin later reaffirmed that people should apply for asylum in Hungary first.

Eurozone crisis

France's Macron for 'EU, eurozone rebirth'

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron has said the EU and the eurozone have no future without a currency union coupled with a fiscal equalization system. He also called for a strong euro commissioner in Brussels.


Rajoy: 'Spain's reforms have fully paid off'

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said painful structural reforms have enabled his country to no longer be the "sick man of Europe." He noted that Spain was on track to log the highest growth rate in the EU.


Female suspect sought over Bangkok blast

Thai police have issued warrants for two suspects, after bomb-making materials were found during a raid on a property close to the international airport.


31.8.1997: Lady Diana dies in Car Crash


1880: Wilhelmina

Days to remember

1888: Jack the Ripper’s First Murder