24 figures who′ve left their mark on Christmas | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 20.12.2017

Advent calendar

24 figures who've left their mark on Christmas

DW Culture's Advent calendar explores the people - celebrities, historical figures or anonymous craftsmen - who've shaped the way we celebrate Christmas. Come back every day until December 24 to discover a new one!

From December 1-24, many people in Germany count down the days until Christmas with an Advent calendar.

This year, DW Culture looks back at the historical figures who've influenced the way Advent and Christmas is celebrated to this day.

Along with the best-known personalities associated with Christmas, or stars returning every year on Germany's TV sets or radios, many more have contributed anonymously to how Germans and people around the world celebrate, decorate their houses, sing and eat.

Discover these 24 historical figures by coming back each day to open a new "door" on our digital Advent calendar, starting with the publisher who came up with the idea of creating a calendar with little doors that open, about a century ago.

Follow@dw_culture on Twitter, where the latest treats of this Advent calendar will be revealed every day. 

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