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DW Transtel offers international partners everything from documentaries to sports, music and children’s shows all in English, Arabic, Russian, French and Spanish.

For 50 years now, DW Transtel has produced captivating documentaries and exciting programming from the heart of Europe. It is part of DW – a European leader in news and quality programming.

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DISCOP Dubai, Dubai, UAE: February 25 - 27
MIP TV, Cannes, France: April 9 - 12
APEX Multi Media Market, Paris, France: April 23 -25
NATPE, Budapest, Hungary: June 25 -28
DISCOP Zanzibar, Tanzania: July 11 - 13
APEX EXPO, Boston, USA: September 24-27
MIPCOM, Cannes, France: October 15 - 18
DISCOP Johannesburg, South Africa: November 14 - 16
Asia Television Forum (ATF), Singapore: December 04 - 07

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