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About Founders' Valley

DW's 10-part TV series follows German award-winning entrepreneur Fridtjof Detzner on a journey through Asia. Looking for visionary ideas, he meets with startup founders working on innovative and inspiring solutions.

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Founders' Valley is a 10-part TV-Series that follows Fridtjof Detzner - the founder of successful German startup Jimdo - on a journey throughout Asia. Looking for visionary ideas, Fridtjof meets with startup founders, organizations and activists that work on innovative and inspiring solutions:

artificial ice-stupas fighting climate change, revolutionary materials to save the world's oceans, smart apps to fight hunger... we'll feel the pulse of the Asian startup ecosystem and what makes it unique.

Of course entrepreneurship isn't always glorious as it is often portrayed. It requires a ton of sacrifice and complete dedication. That's why we won't shy away from showing the challenges founders need to overcome as well as the troubles and opportunities in a digitized and globalized world.

Above all, Founders' Valley wants to showcase these unique characters and their stories, thereby highlighting solutions to some of the world's most intractable issues.

Where we're going next

India - Tackling Climate Change

India - Intelligent Waste Management

Where we've been

Indonesia - How to feed 10 billion people by 2050?

Indonesia - "Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink"

Singapore - Future of Health

Bangladesh - Bricks & Bytes

Malaysia - How can we get enough energy without taking our planet on the edge of the abyss?

Taiwan - Has technology become a religion?

Hong Kong - Urban Visions

Mongolia - Between Tradition and Globalization

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