After the election: Divided Germany, divided Europe? | All media content | DW | 05.10.2017


After the election: Divided Germany, divided Europe?

Does the rise of the right-wing populist AfD party signal new political divisons in Germany? Why is nationalism in Germany growing? Guests: Wojciech Szymański (DW), Judy Dempsey (Carnegie Europe), Anja Reich (Berliner Zeitung).

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Our guests: 


DW Quadriga - Wojciech Szymanski (DW)

Wojciech Szymański works for the DW polish service. He says: 
"It is a mixture of socio-economic and cultural factors that push people towards far-right populistic parties – both in eastern Germany and in eastern Europe"


DW Quadriga - Judy Dempsey (DW)

Judy Dempsey is senior associate at  Carnegie Europe, She says: "There are all kinds of divisions throughout Europe. The divisions are becoming deeper and more complex. But compared to Spain, Britain and Poland Germany seems a haven of stability."


DW Quadriga - Anja Reich (DW)

Anja Reich is chief correspondent of the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. Anja says: “The west Germans should stop looking down on the east Germans. Unity for me means seeing the world through other people’s eyes AND questioning your own values.” 

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