Artists react to collapse of German coalition talks | Digital Culture | DW | 20.11.2017

Digital Culture

Artists react to collapse of German coalition talks

After the "Jamaica" coalition talks aimed at building the next German government collapsed in Berlin on Sunday, Germany's top culture critics took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Karrikatur | Reaktion von Merkel aufs Scheitern der Sondeirungsgespräche | Sergey Elkin

DW's Sergey Elkin's cartoon of Angela Merkel reacting to the situation

Much of Germany woke up to the shocking news that the talks for forming a new coalition government have fallen through after the FDP party representatives, headed by Christian Lindner, walked out of the talks. But the country's cultural critics appear to have been awake all night preparing witty commentary about the unusual situation the government now finds itself in.

Cartoonist Heiko Sakurai prepared this sketch for the political magazine, Cicero, which reads, "The most important thing now is to not look down."

Satirist Jan Boehmermann appeared to have spent a bit of time creating new memes featuring Lindner's face doing destructive things in animated gifs.

Evelyn Roll, reporter from the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Merkel's biographer, simply posted a photo of an FDP campaign placard, which reads, "Doing nothing is an abuse of power."

The satire program "Heute Show" tweeted a couple of humorous takes on the situation, such as this one asking: "What is your favorite mythical creature?" with the "Jamaica government" among the options.

Actor Jan Josef Liefers added his bit, saying that "the fault is all ours – we didn't vote well enough. Sorry for the trouble..."

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