At home and abroad – Merkel feels the heat? | All media content | DW | 24.03.2017


At home and abroad – Merkel feels the heat?

Trump says trade deals are unfair. Erdogan is threatening to kill the refugee deal with the EU. SPD hopeful, Martin Schulz, has his eyes on Angela Merkel’s job. Can she cope? Our guests: Malte Lehming, Matthew Karnitschnig, & Barbara Junge

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Our guests:

DW Quadriga - Mathew Karnitschnig (DW)

Matthew Karnitschnig is chief europe correspondent of "Politico". He says: "Schulz's sudden rise shows that Germans are suffering from severe Merkel-fatigue. But she may have an unlikely savior – Donald Trump."



DW Quadriga - Malte Lehming (DW)

Malte Lehming is the editor of the opinion page of "Der Tagesspiegel". He says: "The shock effect of Trump’s election as U.S. president plus Erdogans erratic agressiveness have made Merkel’s calmness and predictability even more valuable for voters. Martin Schulz should resist the temptation to compete against her as another alpha-animal. " 

Quadriga_23.03.2017_Barbara Junge (DW/D.Micheler)

Barbara Junge is deputy editor in chief at the daily newspaper taz. She says: "Merkel is the typical insider which makes her strong on the world stage. It could become her worst impairment."

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