Berlin awash with light and color | DW Travel | DW | 28.09.2017


Berlin awash with light and color

The German capital is hosting two festivals of lights right now. This year, "Berlin Illuminated" and "Festival of Lights" will run from September 29 until October 15.

Symbolbild Jahresrückblick 2016 Brandenburger Tor (Getty Images/A. Berry)

The artists of Berlin leuchtet have been lighting up various landmarks, starting September 29. The Festival of Lights, starting October 6, will feature light-art installations, projections, and video mapping at sites including the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral, and Potsdamer Platz.

Light artists from different countries will take part in these annual festivals. Visitors will be able to tour the various display sites on foot, or by bus and boat, from 7 PM ‘til midnight.

Deutschland Berlin - Lichtfestival Berlin Leuchtet Festival of Lights (Getty Images/AFP/J. Macdougall)

Berlin Concert Hall on the Gendarmenmarkt

Both festivals will run until October 15. By that time, the artists will have lit up about 80 different buildings and public squares - in one of the world’s great light festivals.

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