Check-in Video contest - the winning videos | DW Travel | DW | 11.09.2017


Check-in Video contest - the winning videos

Wide steppes, busy cities and Christmas illuminations - travel destinations in Europe and Asia fascinate the viewers of our tv travel show. They sent us their holiday videos and the winners are...

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Viewer's video from Japan

Swee Fong Tan from Singapore, Jonas Ungar from Cologne and Anastasiya Filina from Russia will all receive a DW summer travel set. Thank you all for the great videos.

Japan - rich in contrasts

Swee Fong Tang and his girlfriend sent us a high speed and colorful portrait of Japan. They really liked the manga amusement centers in Tokyo. In contrast: ancient Japan with its magical city of Kyoto and the island of Miyajima, once reserved only for priests and the nobility. The island with its red gate in the water is now one of Japan’s most beautiful landscapes.

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Viewer's video from Mongolia

Camping in Mongolia

Most of the tourist sights in Mongolia are outside the cities. They include the wide valleys, the mountain peaks and an exotic animal world with species like yaks and wild horses. The sights are best seen on a camping vacation like the one Jonas Ungar and his girlfriend spent in the wilderness of the Mongolian highlands.

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Viewer's video from Russia

365 Days of Christmas in Kazan

This isn’t the Kremlin in Moscow, but the one in Kazan. For 365 days a year the illuminated projections on the city’s facades make it seem like Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the same time. Anastasiya Filina and her friend Anton were thrilled. They travelled to Kazan over Christmas, met Santa and went skating at one of Europes coolest illuminated artificial ice rink.

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