Crime Fighters: On the Trail of the Poachers | Crime Fighters | DW | 21.12.2015

Crime Fighters

Crime Fighters: On the Trail of the Poachers

Who killed the veterinarian Patrick? Who is behind the poaching network of Bovu? Detectives Allan and Carl are determined to find out the truth.


Two cops, two cases. Detective Allan is investigating the stabbing of the veterinarian Patrick. His colleague Detective Carl is after the so-called Mr G – the head of a poaching network that is causing a lot of damage in Bovu. They brutally kill elephants, leopards and rhinos and many of these species are at risk of extinction. The ecosystem suffers along with the economy while the poachers make millions illegally. Allan follows many leads but Carl is struggling because nobody even knows Mr G's true identity. To the surprise of the detectives, the cases come together when a blackmailing letter is found in Patrick's belongings that threatens to unveil the true identity of Mr G. Could the murder victim have known who Mr G really is? Could this be the reason why he had to die? In the end, the truth turns out to be even more surprising...

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