Crime Fighters: Silent Cries | Crime Fighters | DW | 08.12.2016

Crime Fighters

Crime Fighters: Silent Cries

The police of Lambu are busy with two cases: a newborn baby has been abandoned and a teacher has been murdered. Young police officer Amsa is also approached by women suffering abuse.

DW Crime Fighters Serienmotiv „Radical Journey“

In the town of Lambu, the police suddenly have a lot to do: A newborn baby has just been found at the doorstep of the police station. The very next day, a well-respected member of the community is found dead in front of his house, a knife still stuck in his chest. Young police officer Amsa works on the cases with her superior inspector Bruce. Being the only female officer in Lambu, Amsa is also approached by several women suffering abuse and she is dedicated to helping them. This is hard as there is no law yet in the country that punishes domestic violence. Join Amsa as she tries to solve the cases and protect the victims of domestic violence. This story was written by Pinado Abdu Waba (Nigeria).

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