Digital nomads in a Thai coworking space | Shift Videos | DW | 10.10.2016

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Digital nomads in a Thai coworking space

Digital nomads do their jobs wherever they please - even on the beach. Young professionals from the world over share a coworking space on the Thai island of Ko Lanta. They make their living on the internet.

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Digital nomads in a Thai coworking space

An estimated 50,000 people worldwide can label themselves digital nomads. Laptops and fast internet liberate them from office confines. But many still want professional surroundings, so they rent spots in what are known as coworking spaces - KoHub, for example, on the island of Ko Lanta in Thailand. A work station here costs about 140 euros a month. It's easier to get things done in like-minded company. And, after work, a tropical paradise awaits right outside the door.

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