DW for Smart TV

Make DW your business channel – or your travel channel, or your sports channel, or your … Choose your favorite topics and let the app select the right program for you. This is smart Television.

Smart TV Englisch

With DW for Smart TV you can enjoy every show on DW exactly like you want – whether it is catching up on missed episodes, tuning in to live TV, discovering everything about a new topic or watching every episode of your favorite magazine – with DW on your smart TV, you decide what's on.

DW für Smart TV App


  • Watch live streams of all DW channels: DW, DW (Deutsch), DW (Amerika), DW (Latinoamérica), DW (Arabia).
  • Enjoy all of DW's programming exactly like you want – either full-length or as clips of individual segments.
  • Create custom playlists or use the auto-play function to watch all of DW's content on a specific topic.

The DW for Smart TV app is available free of charge on Sony, Samsung and LG Smart TVs.

The app works with:

  • Samsung models up from 2013
    successive addition of 2016 models
  • LG models up from 2013

How to find DW on your smart TV:

Press the "Smart TV" button on your remote and select the manufacturer's app store (LG Smart World, Samsung Smart Hub, Sony Select). Search for "Deutsche Welle" or "DW for Smart TV".

For smart-TV functionality on your television, you will require a broadband Internet connection. Internet service charges may apply. Please contact your Internet service provider to find out if your connection is suitable for smart TV.

The DW for Smart TV App is currently available in English, German and Spanish. More languages will be added soon.

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