East-west: How united Is Germany? | All media content | DW | 06.10.2016


East-west: How united Is Germany?

The mood in Dresden was toxic, when German chancellor Angela Merkel visited the city to mark the 26th anniversary of the coming together of east and west. She said it was a day of joy and gratitude. But, no doubt about it: celebrations to mark the anniversary were badly marred. Our guests: author and academic Johannes Staemmler, Anna Sauerbrey of Der Tagesspiegel and Andreas Kluth of the Economist

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Our guests:

DW Quadriga - Johannes Stämmler (DW)

Johannes Staemmler - is an author and academic, born in former East-Germany. He says: "Germany is united, but only on the surface.”





18.06.2015 DW Quadriga Kluth, Andreas

Andreas Kluth - is the Germany correspondent of The Economist magazine. He says: "East and West are slowly growing together economically, but they’re growing ever further apart in their psycho-political cultures." 





DW Quadriga - Gast Anna Sauerbrey (DW)

Anna Sauerbrey - is an opinion editor at the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel, who also writes for The International New York Times. She says: “We had almost forgotten. But recent attacks and abuse have brought back the ‘ugly East’.”



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