′I bims′: German Youth Word of the Year 2017 | Lifestyle | DW | 17.11.2017


'I bims': German Youth Word of the Year 2017

Every year, Germany's dictionary giant Langenscheidt selects the German Youth Word of the Year. In 2017, a new version of "I am" was singled out. Take a look at previous winners, as well as this year's candidates.

Every year since 2008, the German publisher Langenscheidt, specializing in dictionaries, has been selecting the "Jugendwort des Jahres" (Youth Word of the Year).

This year's winner is "I bims," a variation of "Ich bin," or I am, the publishing house revealed on Friday.

Teens are invited to submit their favorite terms each year, and 30 of them were preselected as potential candidates.

More than a million votes

While people could vote for their favorite expression online, the final decision was taken by a jury of 20 members. On the online voting platform, "I bims" came in 10th.

The most popular expression among voters was "Geht fit," which means that everything's good.

About a million people voted online this year, more than ever before, said Langenscheidt.

The gallery above reviews the terms that have been chosen since the beginning of the initiative. You can find out more about the words that were popularized this year by clicking through the gallery below.

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