Laura Dahlmeier wins world biathlon pursuit title | More sports | DW | 12.02.2017

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Laura Dahlmeier wins world biathlon pursuit title

Germany's Laura Dahlmeier has successfully defended her world biathlon pursuit title at the world championships in Hochfilzen in Austria. The 23-year-old has already won three medals at this year's championships.

Biathlon IBU Weltmeisterschaften Laura Dahlmeier (picture alliance/Pressefoto Baumann)

Germany's top biathlete Laura Dahlmeier has defended her world title to remain "queen of the pursuit" at the world championships in Hochfilzen in the Austrian Alps. After already claiming gold and silver in earlier events, Dahlmeier has added to her medal haul with gold in the 10km pursuit.

After an early penalty, the German recovered to edge out Belarus' Darja Domratschewa (+11,6 seconds/0) and the Czech Republic's Gabriela Koukalova (+16,6/3).

"It's a dream come true to be world champion again," Dahlmeier told German broadcaster ZDF. "I gave it my all and I knew that the others couldn't catch me. Like a galloping horse that couldn't be stopped!" - a reference to rival Koukalova's comments after the sprint that Dahlmeier "sprints like a horse."

2017 Biathlon World Championships Laura Dahlmeier (picture alliance/dpa/Sputnik/A. Vilf)

Dahlmeier (center) celebrates gold, flanked by silver medalist Domracheva (left) and bronze medalist Gabriela Koukalova (right)

The 23-year-old biathlete from Partenkirchen in southern Bavaria also won gold in pursuit in Olso last year and has now continued her successful run at the world championships. Sunday's gold was her eighth podium finish and her tenth world championship medal overall.

Elsewhere, Germany's representatives enjoyed less successful mornings with Vanessa Hinz finishing 20th, Franziska Hildebrand 32nd and Maren Hammerschmidt 40th.

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