Listen to new music by ′the Russian Beethoven′ | Music | DW | 13.09.2017


Listen to new music by 'the Russian Beethoven'

A contemporary composer from Russia is inspired by Beethoven - and his work sounds out in concert along with the original. Listen to the whole performance in a live concert recording from the Beethovenfest - right here.

Listen to audio 95:04

Stream from the Beethovenfest with the Radio Hesse Symphony Orchestra on September 10, 2017

Each year the Beethovenfest awards a commission to a composer, requesting that for his new piece, he chooses a work by Ludwig van Beethoven as a point of reference.

This year, Russian composer Vladimir Tarnopolski is in the spotlight, having chosen Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto as a source of inspiration. The latter work is also on the program, with a solo performance by a young Spaniard who stepped in on short notice.

You'll also hear the sparkling music Igor Stravinsky wrote to the ballet "Petruschka," the story of puppets that have come to life and a bittersweet love.

Pianist Javier Perianes (imago/Agencia EFE/M. Angel Molina)

Pianist Javier Perianes

Vladimir Tarnopolski
"Be@thoven" - Invocation, (world premiere, commissioned by the Beethovenfest Bonn)

Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano concerto No. 4 in G Major, op. 58

Claude Débussy
"La fille aux cheveux de lin" (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, from "Préludes"; encore) 

Igor Stravinsky
"Petruschka" - ballet music (1910/11), 1946 version

Anatoli Ljadow
Baba-Yaga, op.56 (encore)

Performed by:

Javier Perianes, piano

hr-Sinfonieorchester (Radio Hesse Symphony Orchestra, Frankfurt)
Andrés Orozco-Estrada, conductor

Recorded by Radio Hesse in the World Conference Center Bonn on September 10, 2017.

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