Meet Nneota Egbe | eco@africa | DW | 20.11.2017


Meet Nneota Egbe

Based in Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, Nneota Egbe presents environmental issues and solutions from West Africa.

DW eco@africa - Nneota Egbe (DW)

A graduate of geography, I joined Channels Television in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2005 and have taken on various roles — including anchor, reporter and producer — during that time. I've worked on a number of different shows covering current affairs, cultural and environmental topics. 

I've long been concerned about the environment. As one of the presenters of eco@africa, I believe it is important to live with an awareness of green issues and strive to ensure my actions help protect our natural world.

I greatly enjoy spending time outdoors, am an avid cook and photographer, and have even been known to turn my hand to making clothes. Besides my television work, I volunteer for several non-governmental and humanitarian organizations, like the Golden Heart Foundation, an aid group focused on the training and empowering youth to positively affect society.

I'm intrigued by what it takes to get an interviewee to answer even the most difficult of questions and have honed my skills daily modeling after the greats like Larry King, Walter Cronkite, John Momoh, Dan Rather and Paul Patterson.

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