Oktoberfest like you′ve never seen it before | Arts | DW | 19.09.2016


Oktoberfest like you've never seen it before

Oktoberfest is more than beer, lederhosen and dirndls. A new photographer book by Rainer Viertlböck reveals a unique perspective on the world's most famous festival - from empty beer tents to intoxicated guests.

Munich's so-called "Wiesn" is full of lederhosen and dirndl this week, with Oktoberfest running from September 17 to October 3.

German photographer Rainer Viertlböck spent the past two years at the festival with his camera. He was on the lookout for unusual images that give a realistic view of the event but are rarely seen.

Viertlböck's project is now being published as a book, simply called "Oktoberfest." The photos, sometimes spatially removed from the event, offer a unique, behind-the-scenes vantage point. Who'd have thought that the temporary stands and tents could seem like imposing architectural masterpieces?

The view from above

Rainer Viertlböck is well known for his aerial photos of Munich. He regularly searches for extraordinary perspectives by using professional tools like cranes, XXL tripods and drones.

The result of his work is an exceptional documentation of the festival by day and night, with and without visitors, that goes beyond the cliché images we've all seen a thousand times before.

The beer tents are either empty or filled to the brim and the photos don't portray smiling dirdl wearers but capture moments when they are turned away, not striking a well-planned pose.

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