One Year On: Erdogan Under Pressure? | All media content | DW | 13.07.2017


One Year On: Erdogan Under Pressure?

One year on from Turkey’s failed coup, President Erdogan has continued his crackdown on his opponents. But is he now coming under pressure? Our guests: Bülent Mumay (FAZ), Ulrike Herrmann (taz), Antje Bauer (DW Academy).

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Our guests:

DW Quadriga - Ulrike Herrmann (DW)

Ulrike Herrmann  is a business editor for the German daily newspaper taz. She says: "Erdogan is only in danger if Turkey plunges into economic crisis."


DW Quadriga - Bülent Mumay (DW)

Bülent Mumay is a columnist for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He says: "The failed coup attempt strengthened Erdogan. But events since then raise the question of how well he'll do in the 2019 presidential election."


DW Quadriga - Antje Bauer (DW)

Antje Bauer is a Middle East Expert. She thinks: "Erdogan is coming under increasing pressure. That was demonstrated by the 'March for Justice' that recently ended.Unfortunately, there's no political alternative yet." 

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