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DW is a trusted source of quality online news and information for users across the world. You can improve your website or online presence with DW’s RSS feeds, video feeds and content links.

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With worldwide coverage of the most important breaking news events in 30 languages, along with background analysis and features covering Germany, Europe and the world, is the first choice for international news for millions of people around the globe.

An easy-to-use layout makes it easy for online users to access the information they need and explore DW’s rich variety of multimedia content. DW covers the news from every angle with articles, continuous social media updates, photo galleries, videos and audio reports.

DW’s online content helps users discover and understand the world with up-to-date functions that provide easy access to important information and are perfect for integrating into your website.

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Our news boxes deliver news and teasers from that you can integrate into your website and adapt to your needs. News boxes are updated automatically several times each day and news feeds are also available in RSS format.

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Discover fascinating reports, news coverage, interesting magazines and features with our on-demand content. From audio content to live streams, can provide you with a wide range of multimedia options.

Manual links

Of course you can also link to If you would like to publish an entire DW article, we ask that you make an individual agreement. Just contact us at or for all the details.

Are you interested in DW‘s online content? Our distribution representatives will help satisfy your individual requirements.

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