Putin′s games - Is Russia playing fair with sport? | All media content | DW | 07.12.2017


Putin's games - Is Russia playing fair with sport?

The IOC has banned Russia from the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea. IOC president Thomas Bach says Russia’s systematic doping amounts to an ‘unprecedented attack on the Olympics’. What does the ban mean for athletes, especially the clean ones? Our guests: Erik Kirschbaum (LA Times), Vladimir Esipov (DW), Daria Sukharchuk (freelance journalist).

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Our guests: 

Quadriga Sendung 07.12.2017 Kirschbaum Erik (DW)

Erik Kirschbaum, who writes for the Los Angeles Times. Erik is a sports, and especially soccer aficionado, and he says: “Banning the Russian team from the Winter Olympics is a bold but brilliant move.”  



Quadriga Sendung 07.12.2017 Espinov Vladimir (DW)

Vladimir Esipov from Deutsche Welle’s Russian department. He believes: “It doesn’t matter what you think of the Russian government: The 2018 World Cup is going to be a huge celebration of soccer for everyone. And that has to be good.”



Quadriga Sendung 07.12.2017 Sukharchuk Daria (DW)

Daria Sukharchuk, a freelance journalist working for Russian and English language publications. Daria argues that, "The doping scandal is painful to witness, but not really surprising to anyone familiar with the logic of Russian officials.”

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