Quadriga - Election 2017: Germany Has Voted | All media content | DW | 25.09.2017


Quadriga - Election 2017: Germany Has Voted

Who is going to govern Germany? What does the result tell us? And what does it mean for Europe? Our guests: Werner Sonne (freier Journalist), Alan Posener (Welt), Michaela Küfner (DW)

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Our guests:

Deutschland Bundestagswahl Quadriga-Spezial Sendung (DW)

Werner Sonne was for many years with Germany’s ARD TV network and is one of the best-known correspondents reporting on German politics.


DW Quadriga - Alan Posener (DW)

Alan Posener is a regular columnist for the Berlin-based newspaper Die Welt. 


Deutschland Bundestagswahl Quadriga-Spezial Sendung (DW)

Michaela Küfner is a DW’s political correspondent.

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