Reporter - A Right-wing Surge in Saxony | All media content | DW | 30.09.2017


Reporter - A Right-wing Surge in Saxony

The right-wing AfD party made big gains in Germany’s federal election with racist and anti-Islamic slogans. In the sate of Saxony, it even emerged as the strongest party. DW reporter Maissun Melhem travels to Dresden to explore why.

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With slogans against Islam, refugees and Chancellor Angela Merkel, the right-wing Alternative for Germany party rode to success in the federal election. The AfD had a particularly strong showing in eastern states - in Saxony it emerged the strongest party. The state capital Dresden was also the starting ground for protests against Merkel’s immigration policy by the Pegida movement. DW reporter Maissun Melhem was born in Syria and moved to Germany before the start of the civil war to study in Dresden. For this report, she returned to the city which in some ways is much-changed since her student days. Dresden and the Far Right - My Trip to Saxony A Report by Maissun Melhem and Marc Erath

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