Spain too hot for Germany to handle in Eurobasket quarterfinal | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 12.09.2017


Spain too hot for Germany to handle in Eurobasket quarterfinal

Marc Gasol bagged 28 points and 10 boards as Spain bested the German national team 84-72 in their European basketball championship quarterfinal. Dennis Schröder had another marquis night but was short on support.

Basketball EM in Istanbul | Deutschland vs. Spanien (Imago/Camera 4)

Spain's greater wealth of options told in Tuesday's quarterfinal in Istanbul, with Gasol brothers Marc and Pau also receiving reinforcements from Ricky Rubio and Sergio Rodriguez in the back court. On top of Marc Gasol's game-leading 28 points and 10 rebounds, Pau Gasol delivered another 19 points while Rodriguez and Rubio combined for 15 assists.

The game remained neck and neck until mid-way through the third quarter, when Spain swiftly pulled out to a 10-point lead that they never relinquished. The eventual victors got the better of Germany in several key areas - rebounding, assists, points in the paint, free-throw percentage, and three-point shooting accuracy.

Germany's failed bid to reach the final four was spearheaded by Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Schröder, who led his team in points and assists, scoring 27 and laying on eight baskets for his teammates. Schröder even netted three in just four attempts from three-point range. Boston Celtics big man Daniel Theis managed 15 points and four rebounds in support.

Germany's new generation is looking to establish itself since Dirk Nowitzki's retirement from international competition in 2016, with the 2017 Eurobasket competition serving as their first top-echelon chance to do so, after Germany missed the boat to last year's Olympics.

Germany vs. Spain was the first of the quarterfinals to be played. Slovenia beat Latvia 103-97 soon after Spain's win in Istanbul, while on Wednesday Greece play Russia and Italy face Serbia. 

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