The makers of Miss Germany | All media content | DW | 25.08.2017


The makers of Miss Germany

The Miss Germany Corporation is a family business hosting around 150 beauty competitions every year. Thousands of candidates take part with the dream of being crowned Miss Germany. What goes on behind the scenes from first rounds to the grand finale?

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Horst Klemmer founded the Miss Germany Corporation in 1970 and is still active in the family business today. His son Ralf Klemmer is the company director, while grandson Max Klemmer is responsible for communications. In 2000, the company registered the names Miss and Mister Germany as brands with the EU's Intellectual Property Office. Beauty competitions like these have been around in Germany for some 90 years, and thousands of candidates take part every year. They all share a dream: to be chosen as Germany's most beautiful woman. Every year, the Klemmers do everything they can to find a new, perfect Miss Germany - a winner they can then manage. Companies like to book Miss Germanys when they want a perfectly made-up smile to advertise their products. Author Sven Trösch accompanied the Klemmers as they looked for Miss Germany 2017: during pre-selection in a shopping center in Hanover, in training camps on Fuerteventura, and at the grand finale in a leisure park.

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