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Watch video 02:17

Is climate change a security risk?

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What impact do food miles have on the climate?

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What impact does the Sahara have on the climate?

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Can CO2 be stored?

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How bad for the enviroment are cruise ships?

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What is the greenhouse effect?

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What can farmers do to protect the climate?

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How to tighten up your home?

Watch video 01:45

Does global warming really exist?

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How does climate change affect animals?

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How harmful are plastic bags to the climate?

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Do we need every species?

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What happened to the ozone layer?

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100 percent renewable energy - is that possible?

Watch video 01:55

Earth 2100 - what lies ahead?

Watch video 02:37

Why do oceans turn acidic?

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How climate-damaging is a climate summit?

Watch video 02:22

What is your personal CO2 balance?

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What economic value do forests have?

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