Maidan Dreaming - Kyiv’s Move Towards Europe | DW
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Ukraine’s pro-European Maidan revolution ousted the Russian-friendly regime of Viktor Yanukovych. Three years on, many revolutionaries are disenchanted: Corruption remains rampant and oligarchs still call the political shots. Despite pressure from the EU and Washington, the political elite has failed to dismantle old power structures. And yet the dream of the Maidan revolution is being kept alive by a vibrant scene of young creatives who have spurred a cultural revival, most notably in the capital Kyiv. Their hopes of closer integration with Europe haven’t been helped by the war in eastern Ukraine, where insurgents armed, staffed and funded by Moscow are occupying parts of the Donbas region. Nevertheless, the spirit of Maidan lives on. From art to fashion and electronic music - Kyiv has become a hotbed of creativity, fuelled by young Ukrainians determined to stay the course on the long road to the West. DW reporter Frank Hofmann spent a summer accompanying them around the city.

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