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US school pioneers pizza vending machine on campus

Students at an Ohio university have reason to cheer. They can soon satisfy their cravings for piping hot pizza around the clock, as a vending machine selling oven-fresh pizza has been put up on campus.

Salami pizza

Xavier University in Cincinnati installed the first pizza vending machine across the US on its campus.

The device dubbed Pizza ATM holds up to 70 pizzas of different kinds and lets students order their favorite using a touch screen.

For around $10 (9 euros) they get an oven-fresh pizza in a cardboard box within three minutes.

While the Pizza ATM is only set to start operating in late August for the launch of the new semester, Xavier's women's soccer team already gave the campus novelty a try.

Expansion across the Atlantic

The French company behind the machine, Paline, has been operating a network of Pizza ATMs across Europe since 2002.

Now it's tapping into the US market and - judging by comments on social media - demand seems to be high in the fast food motherland.

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The origins of pizza

mrk/hg (AP, Cincinnati Enquirer)

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