We asked you to show us what your dream home would look like, either as a photo, sketch or model.

From the entries we held a drawing for a 744 part building set that is only available for purchase in Denmark. Find out who the luck winner is here.

DW Euromaxx Zuschaueraktion Traumhaus

What does your dream home look like? Is it a beach house by the sea, a country mansion or a penthouse apartment in the city? We asked you to send in a photo or drawing of your dream abode. 

DW Collage Zuschaueraktion Lieblingshaus (DW)

The response was overwhelming! Thanks to all of you who participated. As a token of our appreciation we gave away a 744 part building set that can only be purchased in Denmark. 

DW Euromaxx - Zuschaueraktion (Andrew Pham)

The lucky recipient is Andrew Pham from Los Angeles in the USA.


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