Who is the new Bob Dylan? | Music | DW | 20.05.2016


Who is the new Bob Dylan?

As Bob Dylan releases his new album "Fallen Angels," we explore a long-lasting media trend: proclaiming the "new Bob Dylan." These musicians have all been compared to the living legend - but some come closer than others.

Even though Bob Dylan rejects any kind of glorification, he remains a living legend: the ultimate writer of American folk and protest songs who symbolizes an entire generation.

And even if he is still active, the media seem to enjoy proclaiming a "new Bob Dylan" every then and again.

Thirty years ago, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Donovan were regarded as legitimate heirs to Dylan's throne. Long hair, guitar, harmonica, singer-songwriter - apparently, that's all it takes to be compared to the great Bob Dylan.

The fact that there's even a hashtag #newBobDylan is proof that the musician plays a huge role on the singer-songwriter scene even today.

Where the "new Bob Dylans" are concerned, more often than not, the only thing the new and old have in common is the fact that they play music. Some are not even called "new," but rather German, Czech or African Bob Dylans.

For his 75th birthday, the real Bob Dylan is releasing a new album. "Fallen Angel" is a cover album of songs by Frank Sinatra, whom he revered.

When the new Bob Dylans turn 75 themselves, perhaps they will come up with a similar idea and honor their idol with a cover album of Dylan classics.

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