Why Germans have a day to celebrate the ′Butterbrot′ sandwich | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 29.09.2017


Why Germans have a day to celebrate the 'Butterbrot' sandwich

It's traditional fare for young and old alike: A slice of fresh bread spread with nothing but butter. Every year in late September, Germans celebrate the day their beloved staple, the "Butterbrot."

 It's easy. All you need is... bread and butter.

Presto, the German "Butterbrot" sandwich, good for breakfast or a snack, kids and adults, dinner and on-the-road.

Pumpernickel or rye, wheat bread with or without grains, or perhaps some spelt or millet in the mix, or even walnuts: The varieties are endless. 

It is usually open-faced, and simply spread with butter, and it's enough of a cultural mainstay that the "Butterbrot" has its very own day of celebration every year on the last Friday of September.

Find out more about it by clicking through the gallery above.

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