Woman ′barred from French vacation home pool over burkini′ | News | DW | 06.08.2017


Woman 'barred from French vacation home pool over burkini'

A report has alleged that a woman vacationing with her family in France was kicked out of a vacation home pool due to her full-body swimsuit. The owner then reportedly tried to retain the deposit for pool cleaning fees.

Musliminnen in einem Schwimmbad Burkini Deutschland (picture alliance/dpa/Rolf Haid)

A Muslim woman was barred from using a swimming pool at a vacation home in southern France because she wore a burkini bathing suit, the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) said on its website.

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The CCIF said the woman wore the full-body swimsuit to the pool in the southern coastal city of La Ciotat without an issue. On the second day, however, the woman was instructed to get out of the pool and her husband was told she was not allowed to swim for the rest of their stay.

The owner of the vacation home told the family that the pool needed to be drained and cleaned since the woman had used it. He then reportedly withheld the family's 490-euro ($577) deposit in order to pay for the cleaning fees.

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No hygiene concerns

The CCIF dismissed the house owner's claims that the woman's suit was unhygienic, as burkinis are made from elastic synthetic fabrics used for wetsuits and other types of swimwear. Burkinis cover all areas of the body except for the face, hands and feet.

Controversy over the full-body swimsuit erupted in France last summer when several communities along the French Riviera banned burkinis on public beaches.

The bans were eventually struck down by France's highest administrative court, which said they constituted serious and illegal violations of fundamental freedoms.

rs/tj (dpa, EFE)

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