Words you need to understand Christmas in Germany | Meet the Germans | DW | 29.11.2017

Meet the Germans

Words you need to understand Christmas in Germany

Christmas is celebrated in many countries, but little details — and the words used to describe them — can reveal interesting cultural differences. These terms provide insight into German particularities.

Christmas is a time filled with traditions and imagery, and there are countless German words associated with it: "Kerze" (candle), "Wunschzettel" (wish list), "Tannenbaum" (Christmas tree), "Engel" (angel), "Lebkuchen" (gingerbread), "Schneeflocke" (snowflake), "Nussknacker" (Nutcracker) "Zuckerstange" (candy cane), "Rentier" (reindeer), just to name a few.

The English word for "Geschenk," gift, means poison in German, so be careful not to confuse those two.

The words in the gallery above reveal some of the particularities of Christmas in Germany. Of course, traditions vary from region to region and from one family to the other.

There are also many more poetic and amusing German terms that reveal the country's Yuletide spirit. Follow us on Twitter on @dw_culture and send us your favorite ones.




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