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Press Freedom

Egyptian court sentences Al Jazeera journalists to three years in jail

ImageAn Egyptian court has handed down a three-year prison sentence at the retrial of three Al Jazeera journalists accused of supporting the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. The case has aroused international condemnation.


Police evict anti-asylum crowd

ImagePolice have evicted dozens of anti-asylum protestors and imposed calm on Heidenau, the eastern German town hit by far-right rioting last weekend. Meanwhile, pro-asylum supporters have given refugees a warm welcome.


Thousands converge on Beirut to protest government

ImageA rally in Beirut has drawn huge crowds as people voice their frustration over government corruption and the crisis created by uncollected garbage. Organizers of the campaign have issued an ultimatum to the government.


Three arrested in Germany over arson attack on refugee home

Three people have been arrested after an arson attack on a refugee shelter in the German state of Lower Saxony. A woman and her three children were lucky to escape with their lives.


Dozens of festival-goers killed in Swaziland truck crash

At least 38 girls have died in a road crash while traveling to a traditional festival in Swaziland. About 40,000 descend on the king's royal residence each year for the event, meant to celebrate womanhood and virginity.


Thai police arrest foreign suspect over Bangkok shrine bombing

Thai police say they have arrested a foreign suspect in connection with a deadly bombing at a shrine in Bangkok earlier this month. They say bomb-making materials were found in the man's apartment.

'Islamic State'

Turkey launches first coalition airstrikes against IS

Turkish fighter jets have hit "Islamic State" targets in Syria - for the first time as part of the US-led coalition. Turkey took on a more active role in the fight against IS in July, ending months of indecisiveness.


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Days to remember

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