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Civil Society

'Negligent leaders are sucking Nigeria dry'

ImageWith attacks killing people almost daily, Nigeria's government is grappling with questions as to why violence and lawlessness plague the country. DW spoke with author Lola Shoneyin about the roots of the problems.


Brazil's female soccer players up against sexism

Brazil has won an unprecedented five World Cups and looks a strong contender to take home a sixth. Women's football though is still very much in a nascent stage. Female players often have to deal with prejudice.


'Women and girls expect to be raped'

DW spoke with British filmmaker Fiona Lloyd Davis about sexual violence in Democratic Republic of Congo under the aegis of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, which is happening in London June 10 to 13.

Indigenous people

Indigenous inequality on trial in Peru

Five years ago, clashes between police and indigenous Peruvians left over 30 dead and 200 wounded. Court cases now underway are showing that Lima's "equality" laws have not yet addressed the gaping de facto disparities.

Labor Market

World lacks adequate social protection net

Over 70 percent of the world's population lacks proper social protection, states a new report by the International Labour Organization. It also warns of the trend's negative impact on economic stability and development.

Civil Society

Tunisia's break dancers spin away from extremism

Young men in Tunisia are taking up break dancing as a way to combat hopelessness. In tumultuous times for their country, having a creative outlet can divert them from a path of extremism, dancers say.


Trade unions want answers to globalization

Germans have a tradition of secure working conditions through trade unions. But organizing them has not been as simple in other parts of the world. Will that change any time soon?


Dominican Republic revamps failing education system

The Dominican Republic has one of the world's worst education systems. Now it is finally investing money in schools. Thousands of classrooms are due to be built, although there are too few teachers for the existing ones.

Labor Market

Brazil's fight against slave labor

In Brazil, the extreme exploitation of workers has been shifting from rural areas toward the cities. In 2013, for the first time, more people were freed from slave-like conditions in urban centers than the countryside.


Globalization tours through Hamburg harbor

With its massive dimensions, Hamburg's port is a popular tourist attraction. One group offers visitors a tour that uses the port as a backdrop to critique the role Germany plays in international trade and globalization.


Gang rape exposes India's violent caste system

The brutal gang rape of two teenage girls has once again exposed the vulnerability of Indian women to sexual crimes. Experts say low-caste women are subject to sexual assaults more often than others.

Human Rights

Amnesty: 'Torture is never justified'

Half the people in 21 different countries fear torture, a new Amnesty International survey says. Though over 80 percent of respondents want rules, people need to know their rights, says Amnesty's Sara MacNeice.


Venezuela: United in poverty

Venezuelans have been suffering from years of mismanagement and deprivation. The latest figures reveal just how bad things have become: There has been a huge rise in the number of people living in extreme poverty.


India's 'Pink Warriors' take on injustice

Clad in pink colored saris and armed with sticks, a gang of women is fighting rapists, domestic abuse, corrupt officials and patriarchy in India.


Palestinians march to the bagpipe

Palestinian scouts have been playing bagpipe music since the 1920s, having picked it up from Scottish soldiers stationed in the region. The music has become part of Palestinian Christians' religious festivals.


Yang Jianli: China's leaders are living in fear

Yang Jianli witnessed the killings of protesters by soldiers on Tiananmen Square 25 years ago. Now a democracy campaigner in the US, he says China will not be able to hide its history from its people for much longer.