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Forest fires in Alaska: A ticking climate time bomb

ImageAs US President Barack Obama visits Alaska to focus attention on climate change, scientists warn that this very bad wildfire year is part of a vicious cycle caused by - and accelerating - climate change.


European Bat Night: helping endangered bats matter

On the last weekend of August, bats get their own celebration: European Bat Night, an event to rise awareness on these winged mammals and their essential role for natural ecosystems and human economies.

Global Ideas

Sweet smelling water hyacinth is trouble

International travel and trade provide ample opportunity for plants to find their way into non-native soils. But some are quick to take root and influence both the economy and the environment.

Global Ideas

Fishing for success in Madagascar

Declaring sections of the ocean off-limits through marine protected areas isn't effective without a means to enforce fishing bans. Blue Ventures believes a market-based approach to conservation could be the answer.


Climate change in everyday life

Photographer James Whitlow Delano runs Everyday Climate Change, a successful Instagram feed. It's the best way to reach people, he says. Today, the feed features the work of photographers from all over the world.