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Europe's GMO compromise: bound to unravel?

ImageSix months after an EU compromise allowing member states to decide individually whether or not to grow genetically modified crops, half the bloc's members have announced plans to ban them. How will this play out?


India pledges to cut carbon intensity ahead of climate talks

India has pledged to cut the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions as its economy grows and increases its use of renewable energy. The pledge comes before a summit in Paris to strike a global deal on climate change.


Brazil commits to 37 percent reduction in greenhouse gases

Brazil has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37 percent over the next decade. The pledge comes ahead of a summit in Paris at the end of the year to strike a global agreement to stem climate change.


'Not ideal': climate change experts criticize emissions pledges ahead of Paris summit

At least 140 countries have submitted their tentative pledges to limit greenhouse gas emissions ahead of the Paris summit. A quartet of climate research bodies has criticized the pledges saying they're "not ideal."


Alarm as haze from Indonesian fires spreads in Southeast Asia

Forest fires smothering Southeast Asia could become the worst on record, according a NASA expert on biomass burning. Robert Field has said conditions resemble Asia's worst haze eight years ago.

South America

Peru declares state of emergency over mine protests

The Andean country Peru has declared a state of emergency after clashes between police and protesters left three dead and 15 injured. The clashes were prompted by Peruvians protesting a new Chinese copper mining project.


No mining, fishing in South Pacific sanctuary

New Zealand has said it'll create a huge ocean sanctuary as big as the size of France. The plan involves a ban on fishing and mining to the chagrin of local business, but to the delight of nature conservationists.


Award-winning climate expert Latif: 'I am not afraid of the future'

The up-and-coming generation is ready and able to use renewable energy to avert catastrophic climate change, says German Environmental Prize winner Mojib Latif. A UN climate agreement in Paris alone will not be enough.


Paris greens itself ahead of climate summit

As part of a new climate action plan, Paris went car-free this past Sunday. To reduce its carbon footprint, the French capital intends to build out bicycling and renewable energy. Can it become a model green city?


Shell scraps oil exploration in Arctic off Alaska over costs

The oil giant is to halt drilling at the Burger J well in the US Arctic, saying it can't justify the expense due to low oil prices. Shell only won the controversial permission to explore the icy waters last month.


A wrong turn saves lives and trees in Malawi

Even the best planned journeys can follow an unexpected course. A wrong turn spelled the start of an adventure that brought Malawi a simple cookstove capable of saving lives. And trees.


The interactive pavillion for an urban future

The urban future is algae-green. At least under the Urban Algae Folly by ecoLogicStudio. The large canopy creates shade, fresh air and healthy food. We spoke with Claudia Pasquero, one of the Folly's inventors.

Global Ideas

The Cambodian tightrope between growth and conservation

Spanning an area of a million acres, the richly biodiverse Central Cardamom Protected Forest in southwest Cambodia faces all manner of conservation threats. Including the country's economic future.

Geotechnical Engineering

Sinkhole or slip: freak Australian beach collapse will repair but happen again

The sea has swallowed a chunk of Australia's east coast, leaving what some call a sinkhole. But geotechnical engineer David Williams says it's more likely a slip - and slip you will if you get too close.


McDonald's first-ever organic burger is coming to Germany

The world-famous fast food company has announced plans to introduce a 100 percent organic hamburger in Germany. But get it quick - the burger will only be available for a limited time.


What the emissions scandal means for the environment

Want to know the dirt on VW's faked diesel emissions? DW's environment desk provides an overview of what happened, what it means for health and the environment, and ramifications for green mobility.

Auto Industry

VW plans major recall over diesel-gate

The group has announced plans to recall more than 10 million vehicles across five different brands. In another effort to contain the damage of its emissions scandal, Volkswagen has agreed to reimburse Spain's government.

Auto Industry

Regulator to VW: Get in line or get off the road

Authorities have set Volkswagen a deadline for submitting a plan to bring its vehicles' emissions into line with official standards, a newspaper report says. The move comes as another damaging revelation has emerged.