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Civil groups heat up climate debate

ImageThe French city of Lyon has been hosting a climate summit. Unlike the UN talks, which take place at government level, this meeting brought regions, cities and other players together to drive climate action from below.


Australia still on probation over Great Barrier Reef

UNESCO has affirmed a decision that the Great Barrier Reef is not an endangered World Heritage site. Although Australia has plans to improve its condition, these have yet to be implemented.


China's PM Li announces climate pledge for Paris talks

Chinese PM Li Keqiang, on a visit to France, has announced his country's contribution to a global climate deal set to be adopted in Paris in December. But he is also expected to sign dozens of trade deals.


Germany needs an exit plan from coal

Germany has committed to shutting down the last of its nuclear reactors by 2022. Now an expert panel says the country needs a long-term plan to shut down its coal-fired power plants, too. It's hugely controversial.


How far along is Germany's nuclear phase-out?

Four years after Germany's decision to phase out nuclear power completely, the country's oldest remaining reactor has been shut down. But is Germany's nuclear phase-out on track - and what obstacles does it face?


America's battle over coal and clean air

The US Supreme Court this week ruled against a regulation limiting mercury emissions. The environmental and coal lobbies are gearing up for a battle over the White House's Clean Power Plan, as Spencer Kimball reports.


A heat wave heads for Germany

Spain and France are already roasting in the summer heat. Now the heat wave is headed for Germany. By Friday, some parts of the country may reach 39 degrees Celsius.


B-Corps challenge environment vs. profit paradigm

Doing business in a sustainable and socially conscious way doesn't have to be merely altruistic. B corporations around the world demonstrate how making a profit can benefit people, planet and pocketbook.


Court: Netherlands endangering citizens with emissions

A Dutch court has ordered the government to cut greenhouse emissions by 25 percent by 2020. Large swaths of the Netherlands sit below sea level, leaving citizens vulnerable to rising waters blamed on climate change.