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Financing climate protection

ImageMoney will be a big topic at the upcoming climate summit talks in Paris. Countries are negotiating who will pay for climate safety measures, how much money will be on the table, how to raise it - and how to spend it.


Steam engine to Exxon: The evolution of climate science

As politicians debate how to halt the warming of the planet, some 200 years of climate science sets the basis for all this fuss. But this science hasn't always been a given.


Climate pledges still too low for 2-degree limit

The UN climate summit in Paris has some tough nuts to crack: With global temperatures and CO2 emissions breaking records, greenhouse gas cuts pledged so far will not keep global warming to the agreed-upon limit.


What you need to know about climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today - and it is set to have a huge impact on generations to come. But what is it, and why is it important? Find out, and explore our interactive map!


Household battery energy becomes tradeable

German household-scale battery maker Sonnenbatterie will soon enable buyers of its systems to trade energy with each other over the grid. It'll save clients money, and it's another step toward a clean energy future.


'Ugly fruit' project tackling food waste wins EU grant to expand across Portugal

Less-than-picture-perfect fruit has been given a boost: Included in recent EU environmental grants is a third of a million euros for a Portuguese initiative to combat food waste. The project plans to roll out nationally.

Scene in Berlin

Back to the source: Food foraging in Berlin

Beyond the herb garden on the balcony, some Berliners have taken the next logical step and started foraging for food. And, as it turns out, there's much more to it than killer mushrooms and chestnut fever.


South African judge lifts ban on rhino horn trade

A South African court has lifted a domestic ban on trade in rhino horns. The move is a direct challenge to government policy, and comes ahead of a meeting that could see a global ban lifted.


Rare white rhino dies, leaving three left in the world

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park announced that a Northern White Rhinoceros died on Sunday after suffering from a bacterial infection. On the brink of extinction, the tragedy has left only three in the world.


Campaigner to brave sharks and debris on Pacific swim for the environment

A Frenchman who said "never again" after swimming across the Atlantic is taking to the waves once more - this time, to cross the Pacific. His goal is to raise awareness about environmental threats to the oceans.


The green roots of Berlin's climate ambitions

Like many cities across Europe, Berlin aims to become climate-neutral by mid-century. For the capital of alternative culture, this builds on community projects - like one that brings together green living and the arts.


First-world problem? Norway and Sweden battle over who gets to burn waste

While many countries struggle to get rid of household waste, Norway cannot get enough of it - to run its waste-to-energy incinerator plants. Oslo even has to import waste, and is blaming Sweden for its problems.


Many clothes find their way into the trash in Germany

The average German owns a lot of clothes. In fact, so many that a lot of clothing lands in trash cans. But buying cheap and fashionable apparel is very bad for the environment.


Seaweed cultivation ushers waves of change in the Sundarbans

In Bengal's mangrove forests, the effects of climate change are forcing men to leave their families in search of work. But now, seaweed farming is offering the women left behind financial stability and empowerment.

Global Ideas

Banksy meets Jacques Cousteau: can art inspire a social movement?

Even in a world awash with images, art still has the power to draw attention. But can it trigger social change? The PangeaSeed art collective hopes so.