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UN adopts resolution to battle wildlife trafficking

ImageThe United Nations General Assembly has approved plans to combat smuggling of wild animals around the world. The resolution is not legally binding, but reflects global opposition to wildlife poaching.


Zimbabwe restricts hunting after Cecil the lion's death

Zimbabwe officials have restricted hunting of lions, leopards and elephants around Hwange National Park, after a tourist killed the park's iconic lion. Another lion in the reserve has also reportedly been poached.


Opinion: Should we be glad that Cecil the lion is dead?

The killing of a well-known wild lion in Zimbabwe by a US dentist and amateur trophy hunter has spread rapidly on the Internet and sparked the public's ire. But can this have any lasting impact?


Cheap Iranian oil not likely to harm renewables

While the Iranian nuclear deal promises to open up Iran's oil and gas reserves to the world, renewable energy may not be too affected by the oncoming flood. Could this mark a coming of age for renewables?


Two sets of panda cub twins born in China

Pandas remain among the most endangered bears in the world but the births of two sets of twin cubs bring hope.


Greenpeace stages novel Arctic drilling blockade

It looks like a daring test or some attempt to break a record - but it is actually a Greenpeace protest. Near Portland, 13 climbers dangled from a bridge for two days to stop controversial oil drilling in the Arctic.