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The diversion of supersymmetry?

ImageThe true scientists are those who admit when their experiments don't yield anything new. That's what's just happened at CERN. But let's give them a break. They were in search of the explanation of phyicial existence.

Battery Powered

Electric flight finds its wings at Slovenian startup with lightweight Alpha Electro

The world's first electrically powered training airplane is not built by an aerospace giant. The Alpha Electro is developed by Pipistrel, a small plane-maker with big ambitions for environmentally friendly flight.

Planetary Science

Kepler-452b: 'Our imagination is one step ahead of us'

Kepler-452b is being hailed as "Earth's older cousin." But Heike Rauer, a researcher at the German Aerospace Center, says we have too few facts to call the planet's discovery a milestone for space science.


Germany clamps down on corruption in health sector

The German government plans a law to tackle illegal deals between doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Anti-corruption groups say the law doesn't go far enough, but doctors' associations hardly consider it necessary.


Hepatitis - the facts from A to E

Hepatitis attacks the liver and in the worst case can result in cirrhosis or liver carcinoma. But not all forms of Hepatitis are alike.


Stay, memory, stay - new Alzheimer's treatment emerges

While Alzheimer's disease is still stealing countless people's memories, scientists have long been searching for an effective treatment. New drugs currently in research might help patients fend off the disorder.


Big bang theory: Czech school kids get explosive taste of science at summer camp

Prague's Technical University has held its first Children's University. Some 100 budding scientists - aged 7 to 12 - spent a week at college, attending lectures and sampling student life. It was a blast!


Waterborne diseases

Certain diseases are transmitted by contaminated water. But which are the most dangerous ones and how can you protect yourself?

Transatlantic relations

Leaving the US for a German degree

A new report has confirmed Germany to be the third-most popular host country for international students. Part of these students comes from the number-one ranked US. What makes Americans cross the pond?


Shark attack survival guide

Professional surfer Mick Fanning escaped unscathed from an attack by a large shark - after fighting back and striking the animal. Did he do it right or was it sheer luck?