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Google unveils new mobile-friendly logo ahead of major restructure

ImageInternet giant Google has revealed the new logo for its search engine. The change comes as it prepares to become part of new holding company, "Alphabet."


Munich sees massive impromptu help for refugees

A small arrivals hall at Munich's central train station became the scene of a huge improvised relief effort as more than 2,000 migrants arrived in the Bavarian capital in a single day. Ben Knight reports.


Lebanon 'You Stink' protesters dragged out of environment ministry

Security forces in Lebanon have removed activists who had taken over part of the environment ministry building to protest the country's rubbish crisis. The "You Stink" movement is taking on the country's political class.


Ntaganda trial 'sends signal that justice will catch up'

The trial of Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda starts on Wednesday at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. He faces charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Former child soldiers will give evidence.


What’s all the fuss about Germany?

Refugees arriving in Austria don’t want to stay and would prefer to go on to Germany. Many of the reasons have to do more with myths than reality, reports Alison Langley from Vienna.


Thousands of refugees arrive in Germany

Record numbers of asylum seekers have arrived in southern Germany, including Munich where volunteers rushed to help. Protests erupted at a Hungary train station after authorities stopped people heading to western Europe.


Canada officially falls into recession

Government data has confirmed that Canada officially fell into recession in the first half of this year. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is doing his best to avoid using the term ahead of a general election next month.


AMISOM morale 'is high'

Islamist militant group al- Shabab reportedly overran an African Union military base in southern Somalia early on Tuesday. AMISOM says it never lost control of the base and claims troop morale is high.