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A look at German-Korean economic ties

ImageGerman President Gauck will be in South Korea until October 14 with a business delegation. In a DW interview, Barbara Zollmann, director of the German Chamber of Commerce in Seoul, talks about bilateral trade ties.


Eritrean refugees to resettle in Sweden under new EU plan

A plane holding refugees from Eritrea has left Italy, part of a plan to help countries hard hit by the migrant crisis. One Italian leader has called the move an important next step in changing Europe's migration policy.


Israeli man goes on stabbing rampage after Jerusalem tensions

An Israeli extremist stabbed several Arab men over the course of an hour in the southern city of Dimona. The attack comes amid simmering tensions between Israelis and Palestinians over the past week.


Trans-Pacific trade deal to bring profit, anxiety to Japan

Japan's cutting-edge car and pharmaceutical industries are delighted at a 12-nation Pacific Rim agreement on trade and tariffs signed on October 5. But the agricultural sector fears the pact will be their death knell.


Nobel Peace Prize goes to Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet

The Nobel committee in Oslo, Norway has awarded this year's peace prize to Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet. The committee honored the quartet's efforts for political dialogue following the Arab Spring.


French airstrikes hit IS targets in Syria

France's defense minister has said the country launched a second wave of attacks on terrorist targets overnight. He has also critcized the Russian military involvement in Syria.


US police shooting leads to city council settlement

North Charleston has reached a settlement with the family of Walter Scott, a black man shot dead by a white police officer. The decision comes after several high-profile cases involving police brutality.

Bilateral relations

Is Germany moving closer to paying reparations for Namibian genoicide?

Encouraged by the visit of a German politician, Namibians have made fresh calls for the German government to admit that genocide was committed against the Herero and Nama tribes over a hundred years ago.