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G20 ministers back tax avoidance crackdown

ImageFinance ministers from the world's leading economies have thrown their weight behind a detailed plan to clamp down on large-scale tax avoidance by multinational firms. Existing loopholes are to be reduced.


Tax reform advocates doubt OECD plan

G20 finance ministers meeting in Peru have discussed cracking down on tax-dodging multinationals. But advocates of global tax reform say their plans fall short on transparency and might even make things worse.


From toys to turbines: Lego branches out into wind energy

Danish toy manufacturer Lego today inaugurated a wind farm off the coast of Germany. In an interview with DW, Lego's CEO talks about the company's efforts to run off 100 percent renewable energy - and otherwise go green.

Food and Drink

The McB organic hamburger: green or greenwashing?

In Germany, McDonald's has released its first organic hamburger - in response to popular demand, the company says. The product has been criticized, but it could help promote organic agriculture. And, how does it taste?

Labor relations

Belgium strike cuts off Germany, France and Netherlands

A 24-hour strike will halt most trains in Belgium, including international services to Britain, France and Germany. Rail workers are protesting cuts planned by the government of Prime Minister Charles Michel.

United Kingdom

Cross-party Brexit campaign launched in UK

Backed by members of the Conservative, Labour and UKIP parties, the "Vote Leave" campaign, was launched on Thursday. It's the second coordinated initiative aimed at Britain's leaving the EU.


TTIP: Free trade at expense of the environment?

Tens of thousands are expected in Berlin on Saturday to protest TTIP, a planned free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States. Critics fear that the treaty will undermine ecological standards.


Trans-Pacific trade deal to bring profit, anxiety to Japan

Japan's cutting-edge car and pharmaceutical industries are delighted at a 12-nation Pacific Rim agreement on trade and tariffs signed on October 5. But the agricultural sector fears the pact will be their death knell.

Business Ethics

Heroes or traitors: Whistleblowers in German business

Whistleblowers have had a hard time in Germany for cultural and legal reasons alike. A small organization and a software maker are trying to change that and bring about a change of corporate culture.

Social media

Like it or not, Facebook to get more emotional

The world's biggest social network says it is testing six new buttons to allow users to express a wider range of emotions than just 'like.' The announcement put to rest speculation a 'dislike' button was in the works.


A look at German-Korean economic ties

German President Gauck will be in South Korea until October 14 with a business delegation. In a DW interview, Barbara Zollmann, director of the German Chamber of Commerce in Seoul, talks about bilateral trade ties.

Auto Industry

'It is certainly going to worsen Volkswagen's troubles'

Thursday's hearing in a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives raised new questions over Volkswagen's emissions cheating. DW asked auto safety expert Clarence Ditlow tp assess VW’s current situation.

Auto Industry

Schaeffler shares rise in stock market debut

The German automotive parts maker has successfully made its long-awaited listing on the stock market. The company's shares opened higher than the offering price, despite concerns engulfing the nation's car industry.

Auto Industry

VW's Horn: 'No prior knowledge of defeat devices'

Volkwagen's head of US operations Michael Horn has confirmed to a Congressional subcommittee that he learned about a problem with emissions levels in VW cars long ago. But he said he wasn't aware of any defeat devices.

Auto Industry

VW offices raided in emissions probe

German prosecutors have conducted searches at Volkswagen's headquarters in Wolfsburg and other company locations. Authorities said they were looking for information on who was responsible for VW's emissions scandal.


Think tanks cut growth estimate for Germany

Germany's leading economic research institutes have lowered their growth estimate for 2015, but expect the recovery to stay on track. Due to the ongoing influx of migrants, however, unemployment is set to rise.


German exports show massive drop in August

German exports recorded their largest month-on-month decline since the 2009 financial crisis, in a sign that Europe's economic powerhouse is facing growing risks from weakening demand from abroad.

Auto Industry

Opinion: VW's state of emergency

Volkswagen has been under fire for around three weeks now. But important questions have so far remained unanswered. That could indicate that the worst is yet to come, according to DW's Henrik Böhme.