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BP closes US oil spill chapter with historic settlement

ImageThe energy giant has announced a multi-billion-dollar settlement, potentially ending years of legal fighting over the environmental damage and human suffering caused by the worst marine oil spill in US history.


European cities complain of too many tourists

Drunken tourists staggering on the beach of Barcelona, loud louts shouting down the alleys of Lisbon. Tourism in many popular European cities is attracting criticism and some towns are concerned about their image.


Germany sees big rise in real earnings as inflation stagnates

Workers in Germany earned more in real terms in the first quarter of 2015 than at any time since 2008. The rise in income was buoyed by low inflation, though the new minimum wage also seems to have played a part.


Unemployment drops in Spain for fifth straight month

Latest government figures show that jobless numbers are steadily dropping in Spain. But the country still has the second highest unemployment rate in the eurozone - behind Greece.


Investors rescue wind developer Prokon

North German wind park developer Prokon went bankrupt in January 2014. Now, in a gesture of commitment to a green energy future, its investors have voted to retain ownership by turning it into a cooperative.

Workplace safety

Robot kills worker at Volkswagen plant in Germany

Volkswagen has disclosed that a robot has killed a contractor involved in its installation. The fatal accident happened at VW's Baunatal plant, north of Frankfurt on Monday.

Court Cases

French court determines Germany's TÜV 'not at fault' for faulty breast implants

A French appeals court has determined German safety standards body TÜV "fulfilled its obligations" when certifying breast implants. The implants, found to contain substandard silicon, caused a worldwide scare.

Auto Industry

EU paves way for Chinese Pirelli takeover

The state-owned Chinese chemicals group has received a green light from the European Commission to take over Italian tire maker Pirelli. The acquisition could help the iconic tire brand gain more traction in Asia.


Major US airlines probed for price-fixing

The United States Justice Department has confirmed that it is investigating US airlines over allegations they kept ticket prices artificially high. But critics say the department contributed to the problem itself.


Podemos-backed Colau suspends new Barcelona lodging

Barcelona's new mayor has temporarily halted new licenses for tourist accommodations. Ada Colau wants to help draw up new regulations to govern a sector that some say has grown too big in recent years.


Children of foreign-born parents still face uphill struggle in Germany

Those born to foreign parents in Germany are more likely to be jobless or stuck in jobs they are overqualified for than those born to German parents, the OECD says. Across the EU, one in five feels discriminated against.


John Cryan takes helm at Deutsche Bank

A British national is leading Germany's biggest bank. John Cryan, a former senior executive at UBS, succeeds co-CEOs Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen who failed to regain shareholders' trust amid various scandals.


Calais port strikes cause further jams in France and England

The Port of Calais is reopening after continued labor actions. In Britain, police closed off motorway sections while more than 3,000 trucks waited to board ships to France, where ferry workers blocked the port.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal to give away entire $32-billion fortune

Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, once listed as the world's 26th richest man, has declared he is giving his entire fortune to charity. He made the announcement at a news conference in Riyadh.


Sieren's China: Beijing's trouble with Athens

China has acted as an ATM for Greece, dispensing money whenever Athens was strapped for cash. But Beijing is slowly losing its desire to work with the Tsipras government, writes DW columnist Frank Sieren.