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Mercedes chief Zetsche seeks female successor

ImageDaimler AG head Dieter Zetsche has expressed his concern on the lack of female management power in his company. The outgoing CEO has said he hopes to have a woman take on his role when he retires.

Social Media

Educated Germans avoid social media

The quality of education is on the rise in Germany. And that implies, uniquely amongst its peers, that fewer people in Germany will be using social media in the future.


Kraftwerk goes to Constitutional Court over two-second sample

Germany's top court is set to decide on artistic rights of the world-famous band Kraftwerk, whose sample was used in a rap song without consent. The rhythm sequence was originally part of Kraftwerk's "Metal auf Metal."


Police in Germany arm themselves against terror threat

Thus far, the German government has refrained from quickly passing any laws in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris. Instead, they are banking on increased police presence and improved communication among authorities.


Merkel stays the course in German refugee debate

German Chancellor Merkel has called for indirect efforts to stem the flow of migrants to Germany. Calls from within her own ranks to set an upper limit on asylum seekers are still not part of her plan.


Merkel polarizes fangirls and feminists

Celebrity in a pantsuit: Germany's Chancellor Merkel is considered the world’s most powerful female leader. However, women's rights were never at the heart of her agenda. Can she serve as a role model for young women?


Report: Violence and corruption plague Afghanistan

A confidential report by the German Foreign Ministry paints a grim picture of Afghanistan, a German public broadcaster says. Recently, German officials called for more Afghan refugees to be returned to their country.


CSU forces Merkel into uncomfortable refugee dialogue

Officially, Angela Merkel is not backing away from her open-door policy toward refugees. However, a discussion aimed at limiting the influx of refugees is long underway.


Bundestag MPs allowed to vote despite vested interests

An MP who works for a law firm representing Volkswagen in the emissions scandal voted to remove the item from a parliamentary committee's agenda. According to the Bundestag, there's no rule preventing him from doing so.


Many clothes find their way into the trash in Germany

The average German owns a lot of clothes. In fact, so many that a lot of clothing lands in trash cans. But buying cheap and fashionable apparel is very bad for the environment.


Jan van Aken: Are humanity and democracy enough to combat 'IS'?

It's the "wet dream of terrorists to be called 'army of a foreign state,'" the foreign policy spokesman of the German Left Party says on DW's Conflict Zone. If military action isn't an option, how do you fight IS?


Germany discusses sending Bundeswehr troops to Mali

The Paris attacks completely unsettled France, prompting its leaders to ask for help from other EU countries for anti-terror operations abroad. Now Germany is considering sending its army to Mali to hunt terrorists.


Sadness and civic pride as Helmut Schmidt laid to rest

Helmut Schmidt has been buried in his hometown, where pride vied with sadness as thousands lined the streets to honor the former chancellor on his final journey through the city. Ben Knight reports from Hamburg.


Helmut Schmidt, a man of principle

Helmut Schmidt was a politician of principles, which he would defend against his own Social Democratic party if need be. German historian Heinrich August Winkler remembers West Germany's fifth chancellor.


10 years in charge: A portrait of Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel's way of doing politics seems understated when you first see it: she's reserved and makes her decisions late. But in a crisis she sticks to the task - and she's been doing it that way for 10 years.


Opinion: Dangerous times for Merkel

"Merkeling" is a neologism for letting politics run their course. For a decade, the chancellor has been successful doing just that. Now, of all times, her 10th anniversary year will decide her fate, Volker Wagener says.


How companies profit from the refugee crisis

The large number of people coming into Germany from Syria and other countries is a challenge for city governments. They frequently have to rely on help from the private economy, where it's all about the bottom line.


Germany ponders dilemma of 'transit zones'

Bavarian politicians have been warming to the idea of "transit zones" for migrants entering Germany. However, refugee organizations are not so keen on the proposal, claiming it would be wrong, as well as impractical.