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Former Merkel aide defends himself over NSA claims

ImageThe former head of Angela Merkel's chancellery, Ronald Pofalla, has blamed the media for misinterpreting the ongoing NSA affair. Finding no fault in his behavior, he instead voiced concern about Germany's security.


Bees in the Bundestag

Two German parliamentarians have inaugarated the government's first bee colony. Bärbel Höhn and Martin Burkert hope to bring light to the plight of the vanishing honeybee.


German parliament opens debate on assisted suicide

The Bundestag has begun debating on whether to expand the right to assisted suicide as some of their European neighbors have done. Four competing draft laws have been presented for consideration.


Children of foreign-born parents still face uphill struggle in Germany

Those born to foreign parents in Germany are more likely to be jobless or stuck in jobs they are overqualified for than those born to German parents, the OECD says. Across the EU, one in five feels discriminated against.


'Understanding' reached on Germany's energy switch

German coalition government leaders have agreed steps to reach a self-set target for lower carbon emissions ahead of key UN climate talks. Their dropping of a levy on coal-fired power stations has angered ecologists.