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Three arrested in Germany over arson attack on refugee home

ImageThree people have been arrested after an arson attack on a refugee shelter in the German state of Lower Saxony. A woman and her three children were lucky to escape with their lives.


Asylum seeker, migrant, refugee

Many of these terms are often confused: refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. But they are not identical. DW's Sven Pöhle and Diana Hodali explain the differences.


Cake and politicians at 'Refugees Welcome' party in Heidenau

The party took place in Heidenau after all, despite a police ban that was lifted following a political outcry. As Ben Knight reports, the event was largely peaceful, as refugees gathered a truck full of donated clothes.


Dispelling myths about refugees

Most refugees come to Europe; they take our jobs away from us; and people who come from the Southern Balkans are just economic migrants anyway. DW takes a look at these migration myths and misconceptions.


German court overrules Heidenau demo ban

The ban on public gatherings in Heidenau is "illegal," a regional court declared, after local authorities called off a pro-refugee rally over safety concerns. The German town has been struggling with far-right violence.


Syrian donated month's wages for GDR refugees in 1989

A Syrian man donated the equivalent of a month's wages to East Germans fleeing their country for West Germany in 1989. The German Foreign Office donated the money to a charity that helped East German refugees.


Tempelhof airport in Berlin may become Germany's 'biggest refugee shelter'

Tempelhof airport, the iconic structure that once oversaw the Berlin air lift in the 1950s, may be re-invented as a refugee shelter. The overstretched city administration did not deny it was considering the option.


Knut the bear's mysterious death solved

Scientists have discovered what caused Berlin's beloved polar bear Knut to drown in his enclosure. The cub was the star of the zoo during his brief life from 2006 to 2011.


Proposed assisted suicide controls in Germany 'are unconstitutional'

Germany has probably the most liberal assisted suicide law in the world - in other words, none at all. Lawmakers trying to change that have now been presented with a new obstacle - Germany's constitution.


Facebook must ban abusive content, says German Justice Minister Maas

Heiko Maas wants Facebook to better enforce its community standards to rein in abusive users. Given the recent rise in anti-migrant and xenophobic posts, he has called for a meeting with Facebook's European managers.


'Die Rechte': neo-Nazis demand attention in Dortmund

The small but relentlessly attention-seeking right-wing party "die Rechte" has managed to walk the line between legality and openly professed Nazi sympathy. Elizabeth Schumacher reports from Dortmund.


German employers 'should hire more refugees'

The Federal Employment Agency has urged German businesses to hire more refugees and harness their potential. Their ability to speak several languages is among the qualities it says would be an asset to firms.


Rostock riots revealed 'the dark side of humanity'

Heidenau, Solingen, Rostock-Lichtenhagen: Germany has a long history of attacks on asylum seekers. One former Rostock city official has spent his career thinking of ways to combat xenophobia.


President Joachim Gauck criticizes 'dark Germany'

German head of state Joachim Gauck has praised volunteers for showing the positive face of Germany while on a visit to a refugee home in Berlin. It follows two xenophobic-related incidents the previous night.


Eritrean translators 'intimidating refugees' in Germany

Eritrean translators are deliberately mistranslating the testimonies of refugees during their hearings, according to dissidents' groups in Germany. Some are even intimidating them into hiding human rights abuses.

'Islamic State'

How Islamists attract young German women

Extremists have become adroit at using the Internet to spread propaganda. It's also where the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" attracts not just prospective new fighters, but also young wives and mothers from Europe.


Revisiting Berlin's wonder years

The early 1990s were a coming of age - both for Berlin and for DW's Jane Paulick. A recently published collection of photos of freshly reunified Berlin sent her on a trip down memory lane.


Berlin's institutions open for a long night

This weekend in Berlin, you can get your load of culture without paying too much. Governmental, religious and cultural institutions are opening their doors - some of them late into the night.