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Alleged Paris plotter returned to scene of attacks, planned another suicide bombing

ImageAuthorities say the alleged ringleader of the terror attacks in Paris was planning to carry out another attack the following week. Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed in a shootout with police days after the carnage.


CSU forces Merkel into uncomfortable refugee dialogue

Officially, Angela Merkel is not backing away from her open-door policy toward refugees. However, a discussion aimed at limiting the influx of refugees is long underway.


Opinion: Looking away from the Greece-Macedonia border

Europe refocused its attention after the attacks in Paris. However, migrants stuck at the border between Greece and Macedonia show the EU's impotence when it comes to helping refugees, DW's Bernd Riegert writes.


In Europe, tourism experts foresee a post-Paris rebound

Some have speculated that fear of terror attacks might have a significant lasting impact on Europe's tourism sector after recent events in Paris and Brussels. That's not likely, according to experts who spoke with DW.

Armed Conflict

Putin calls downing of Russian jet a 'stab in the back'

The shooting down of Russian fighter plane will have "serious consequences" for ties between Ankara and Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov canceled a trip to Turkey.


Many clothes find their way into the trash in Germany

The average German owns a lot of clothes. In fact, so many that a lot of clothing lands in trash cans. But buying cheap and fashionable apparel is very bad for the environment.


In the heart of Europe, Molenbeek's lost generation

The majority of Muslims in the Molenbeek district of Brussels are peaceful citizens. But a small number of them worry DW's Jaafar Abdul-Karim. How should we deal with it?