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EU climate envoy welcomes Obama's carbon plan

ImageA senior EU figure on climate change has hailed US President Obama's plan to limit the country's carbon emissions. Obama's announcement came ahead of a global climate summit in Paris.


Sweden expels Russian diplomat

Sweden's Foreign Affairs Ministry has said it expelled a Russian diplomat for actions "not in line with the Vienna Convention." In a tit-for-tat move, Moscow retaliated by expelling a Swedish diplomat.


Catalonia to hold September elections framed as new independence vote

The leader of Spain's wealthy Catalonia region has signed a decree calling early parliamentary elections for September. The elections have been portrayed as a proxy vote on independence.


Casualties in Ukraine ahead of renewed peace talks

At least four Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and 15 others injured in fighting with separatist forces in the country's east. Kyiv is scheduled to start peace talks with the rebels and Russian representatives.


Dutch crane collapse devastates houses

Two cranes have collapsed while renovating a bridge in the Netherlands, devastating nearby houses and reportedly injuring 20 people. The cranes were working on the Queen Juliana Bridge, which dates to the 1950s.

European Union

Brussels: Closed for the summer

An entire city coming to an almost complete halt in the summer may seem normal to some. But for Andrea Rönsberg, caught in Brussels, the extent to which the EU capital shuts down is a little disconcerting.


Moroccan man suffocates to death in a suitcase headed for Spain

A man from Morocco suffocated to death while he was being smuggled into Spain inside a suitcase. His brother, a French citizen, has been arrested on manslaughter charges.