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European leaders struggle to find common ground in refugee crisis

ImageTensions between European countries are rising as the continent grapples with an unprecedented refugee crisis. The issue tops the agenda on Friday with Germany pushing for the controversial concept of quotas again.


Refugees in Budapest hoping for trains to Germany

Police in Hungary are once again letting refugees board trains at the station in Budapest. But the trains heading out of the country are making unplanned stops before reaching the border. Max Hofmann reports.


“We aren’t afraid” Austrians answer Hungary’s Viktor Orban

Hungary's prime minister told a press conference that Europeans fear the onslaught of refugees, Austrians disagree. They do agree, though, that politicians have failed to lead, reports Alison Langley from Vienna.


Big gap between EU asylum standards and practices

There are three rules for how EU member countries should deal with asylum applicants. But for various reasons, no nation adheres to all of them. Human Rights Watch asylum expert Benjamin Ward told DW about the problems.


People smugglers profiting from plight of refugees

Europe’s refugee drama is a gold mine for unscrupulous people smugglers. Police and the army are stepping up efforts to clamp down on the illegal business of human trafficking.


Hungary's Orban slams EU, Germany over migrant crisis

Hungary's PM has railed against the EU over its handling of an unprecedented wave of migrants trying to enter the bloc. Viktor Orban also said the crisis was not a European but rather "a German problem."


In UK, refugee crisis 'could define Cameron's premiership'

British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing growing pressure at home and from the rest of the EU to do more in the face of the refugee crisis. Lars Bevanger reports from Manchester.