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Lutheran pastor Ralf Haska leaves Ukraine

ImageHe opened the doors of his Kyiv church to injured Maidan protestors and supported his flock through Ukraine's tumultuous revolution. Now, after six years there, German pastor Ralf Haska is leaving.


Kerry: Iran nuclear talks 'could go either way'

US Secretary of State Kerry has said "now is the time" to finish a deal on Iran's nuclear program. He added that progress had been made recently, but that negotiations would have to continue.

Eurozone crisis

The text of the question Greeks have to vote on

Greeks are voting in a referendum on the creditors' last bailout proposal. Much has been made of the convoluted wording of the question on a proposal that is no longer on the table. Here is an English translation.

Eurozone crisis

Greeks cast ballots with eurozone future in doubt

Voters in Greece have been going to he polls in a referendum on the terms of the last offer made to the country by its creditors to stave off financial collapse. Opinion polls suggest the outcome is too close to call.


Tsipras, Greece's hardened pragmatist

He's called a left-wing extremist and unpredictable. Looking at Alexis Tsipras' way to the top, the thing that stands out most is his ability to change and to adapt.

Eurozone crisis

Polls open in Greece's 'make or break' referendum

Greece is about to decide whether to accept creditors' proposal in a referendum that has left the country polarized. While the government has called for a "No," it is unclear if Greeks will acquiesce to their request.


France celebrates listing of Champagne and Burgundy as UNESCO heritage sites

UNESCO has added the historic vineyards and cellars of Champagne and the unique natural climate of Burgundy vineyards to its list of World Heritage Sites. The decision set corks popping in France.