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Turkey, EU reach action plan on refugees

ImageThe European Commission and Turkey have agreed on an action plan to boost cooperation on the refugee crisis. The plan aims address key factors pushing refugees from Turkey to the EU.


The NATO question: Between Russia and Turkey in the Syrian conflict

Following Russian violations of Turkish airspace, NATO has defended Ankara, urging Moscow to "avoid escalating tensions." But is the incursion a wildcard, or a ploy to test NATO resolve? DW talks to the experts.


Ukraine rebels push back controversial elections

Pro-Russian separatists have agreed to postpone the local ballots in east Ukraine that Kyiv claimed to be illegitimate. The truce in Ukraine is "holding and being strengthened," NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg says.


Following Air France humiliation, leaders rush to company's side

French officials have condemned the violent protest that broke out at a company board meeting. While paying a visit to the headquarters, the prime minister had strong words for both the company and its detractors.

NSA Scandal

Homesick Snowden lays out new allegations against GCHQ

Edward Snowden has said British spies can hack into mobile phones using text messages. The whistleblower also said he has offered to serve prison time in the US if the country were to let him return from exile in Russia.


Tricky talks with Erdogan in Brussels

The EU is turning to Turkey for help with the refugee crisis. The political price is likely to be high, though, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is using the opportunity for his own ends. Barbara Wesel reports.


Air France managers flee job cuts protest in ripped shirts

Two Air France mangers whose shirts were ripped off by activists have scaled a fence and fled under police protection after protesters stormed the airline's HQ. The demonstration was against proposed layoffs.