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Selfies forbidden: Replace your smartphone with a pencil and a sketchbook

ImageThe Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam now encourages visitors to draw their works of art - instead of just taking a picture. Other museums all over the world have selfie sticks on their blacklist.


Dresden Symphony recalls Armenian genocide

Recalling the genocide on Armenians perpetrated by the Osmanian Empire a century ago, an orchestra of German, Turkish and Armenian musicians is performing world premieres in Berlin.


Pope Francis releases an eclectic rock record

Compared to his predecessors, the popular Pope Francis does have an unconventional style. Now a new album makes him a rock star. It combines his speeches, prog rock, Gregorian pop and a Chinese choir.


On the brink of nuclear war in 1983: TV series 'Deutschland 83'

The first German-language series to air on a US network, "Deutschland 83" concerns Cold War tensions as seen through the life of a young spy. Director Edward Berger tells DW what he found inspiring about that year.


How Christo's 'Wrapped Reichstag' changed Berlin's image

Twenty years ago, the historic building in Berlin which now houses the Bundestag was transformed for two weeks. As a new exhibition shows, the event was a strong symbol for the reinvention of the city.


Task force investigating art trove inherited from Nazi collector achieved 'embarrassing' results

Since 2013, a task force, soon to be disbanded, has sought to clarify ownership of the artwork found in Cornelius Gurlitt's apartment. Now people are asking: what has it achieved, and where do we go from here?


High security and emotion at Scorpions concert in Paris

The terrorist attacks in Paris changed the meaning of going to a concert. But despite the tragedy, nearly 20,000 fans overcame fears and decided to celebrate with Scorpions. A DW film premiere on the band was cancelled.


Kraftwerk copyright dispute brought to Germany's top court

Hip hop artist Sabrina Setlur sampled two seconds of Kraftwerk's music in 1997 - and the electronica pioneers weren't happy about it. After over a decade of litigation, the case is taken to Germany's highest court.

Scene in Berlin

Back to the source: Food foraging in Berlin

Beyond the herb garden on the balcony, some Berliners have taken the next logical step and started foraging for food. And, as it turns out, there's much more to it than killer mushrooms and chestnut fever.


Ashraf Fayadh sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia

The Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh has been sentenced to death for apostasy. In the eyes of Saudi authorities, his involvement in the international art scene may have made him suspicious.


'The Secret Handshake': Why an Israeli and an Iranian band are touring together

The political situation between their home countries is tense, but that didn't stop an Iranian and an Israeli band from jamming together. Now the musicians are joining forces on tour in Germany.


Iraqi author Najem Wali: 'Arabic media outlets are controlled by petro-dollars'

The Iraqi writer and journalist discusses with DW about the responsibility of intellectuals in the Arab world and the inspiration for his books, explaining why the poet Adonis does not deserve a peace prize at all.


From Charlemagne's throne to Merkel's mobile: German history in 100 objects

How do you recount 2,000 years of German history? The historian Hermann Schäfer chose 100 objects to illustrate the country's past. Here are 12 of them.


Adele in 10 songs

Her new album, "25," is almost here. But how well do you know Adele? Here are 10 of her greatest songs and what they mean to her. Listen to them on our Spotify playlist.


14 favorite German proverbs in illustrations

They've been around for centuries and there's one for every situation. Proverbs are a central part of language. DW illustrated 14 of the most beloved German proverbs. How many do you know?


Your favorite German proverbs

These wise sayings have held true for centuries. You shared your favorites after we presented 14 famous German proverbs in original illustrations. Here are your picks.


Eight Bridges Festival (pt. 1 of 2)

The motto of the most recent Eight Bridges Festival was "Music and Politics." This hour, music by Paul Dessau, Luigi Nono - and a world premiere by Marc Andre.


Eight Bridges Festival (pt. 2 of 2)

East German composer Friedrich Schenker wrote a piece about the Spanish Civil War of 1936 - and Gustav Mahler one about death.


Word of the Week: Schwippschwager

Remind me again how exactly we're related? This funny German word can help.