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Why Berlin's at-risk libraries need saving

ImageSome of Berlin's libraries plan to streamline their inventory, which could lead to massive cuts. As concerned library goers fight for their right to read, DW's Stuart Braun reflects on a sacred public institution.


US ballet celebrates first black female principal dancer

Amid racial turmoil in the US, classical ballet is celebrating a rarity: The American Ballet Theatre has named the first female black principal dancer in its 75-year history.


US court affirms Apple conspired to fix e-book prices

Apple conspired illegally with publishers to fix e-book prices, an appeals court in New York has confirmed. That means consumers may have paid too much for e-books since iBooks was launched in 2010.


Kafka's manuscripts to go to Tel Aviv library

Franz Kafka wanted his manuscripts destroyed. By a twist of fate, they've been spared. And now a court in Tel Aviv has decided they should go to Israel's National Library.


UNESCO laments 'barbaric' cultural destruction by 'IS'

UNESCO's World Heritage Committee has called the "Islamic State's" destruction of artifacts and sites in Syria and Iraq "barbaric." A declaration issued in Bonn says threats to heritage sites worldwide must be resisted.


What does it take to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

There are 1,007 World Heritage sites. The World Heritage Committee meets from June 28 to July 8 to discuss which nominees to induct this year, from historical sites to natural phenomena. DW explains the complex process.


Maria Böhmer: 'We have a special obligation to protect our World Heritage'

Where will the next new World Heritage Sites be located? UNESCO World Heritage chairwoman Maria Böhmer tells DW she's hopeful Germany will secure site number 40 - but much more concerned about destruction in Syria.


Kurt Weill Festival in Dessau (pt. 1 of 2)

The gentle light of the moon - giving peace to the soul, expressing passions both light and dark - is the theme of two editions of Concert Hour.


Kurt Weill Festival in Dessau (pt. 2 of 2)

More from the annual festival in Dessau, Germany, the city of Weill's birth.