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Mixed reviews for Jonathan Franzen's new book 'Purity'

ImageEach new book by the bestselling US author is always highly anticipated - reviewers all jump on his work. Jonathan Franzen's latest novel, "Purity," is now released in the US.


Full Metal Cruise: The world's largest heavy metal festival at sea

It's an offshoot of the Wacken Festival - with private showers. This is a cruise specially designed to create an unforgettable experience for headbangers, whether they get the tattoo or not.


Book review: 'The Girl in the Spider's Web'

David Lagercrantz is the author of the fourth volume of the "Millennium" series, which deals with the NSA. His research and style is not as messy as Stieg Larsson's - but the atmosphere isn't as riveting either.


Can Iranian movie 'Muhammad' alter Islam's violent image?

An Iranian biopic of Prophet Muhammad aims to project a positive image of Islam and provide a counter-narrative to the religion's extremist interpretations. But can the movie succeed in dispelling the dominant discourse?


Berlin faith groups unite for 'Long Night of Religions'

In a unique event, religious groups in Germany's capital opened their doors for one night, to highlight the city's diversity and provide an insight into almost 100 faith groups. DW's Kate Brady reports from Berlin.


British neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks dies at 82

The British neurologist and best-selling author Oliver Sacks, who became famous with such books as "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," has died. His works were translated into more than 25 languages.


Horror film director Wes Craven dies

Prolific horror filmmaker Wes Craven has died at the age of 76. He directed iconic horror films such as the 'Scream' and 'Nightmare on Elm Street' series, and published a number of books.


Sexologist: 'Forget your to-do list for better sex'

Are Germans uptight? In this DW interview, Ann-Marlene Henning, Danish sexologist, TV host and author of "Make Love," reveals her insight on Germans' sex lives - and what women in particular can do to improve theirs.


German rock star Udo Lindenberg plans solidarity concert for refugees

Refugees are welcome: That's the message German music stars including Udo Lindenberg want to give in a concert in front of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate one day after the 25th anniversary of German reunification in October.


The Casablanca kiss: Remembering Ingrid Bergman 100 years on

"Here's looking at you, kid!" Swedish-born actress Ingrid Bergman became a world star with Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca." The 100th anniversary of her birth is being celebrated in Europe and the US.


ABBA's piano goes under the hammer

We've all heard it, now you can have it: The grand piano that featured on a number of ABBA's biggest hits is up for sale. The instrument is expected to fetch a hefty sum at auction.


How to age gracefully: Günter Grass offers a radical last work

During his life, the author never avoided controversy. Once more, he boldly dealt with difficult topics in his final book: Aging and mortality. Four months after his death, it is now available in bookstores in German.


Syrian refugee and philosopher receives Germany's Goethe Medal

A Syrian refugee is among the three winners of Germany's Goethe Medal for intercultural understanding: philosopher Sadik Al-Azm. Museum director Neil MacGregor and theater director Eva Sopher were also honored.


Germany's battle of the bands: Which state has the best music?

The German music scene is increasingly singing "auf Deutsch" - now even internationally famed rockers Donots. They're among 16 German bands competing on a popular TV show for a national title.


Beethoven Journey (pt. 3 of 6)

On today’s stretch of the Beethoven Journey, it's the composer’s Third Piano Concerto - and as a perfect foil, Stravinsky's concerto for strings named "Dumbarton Oaks."


Beethoven Journey (pt. 4 of 6)

This hour, a choral piece by Arnold Schönberg, Haydn on the piano and a one-of-a-kind work: Beethoven's Choral Fantasy.


Word of the Week: Augenschmaus

If only our eyes had teeth.This German word puts a whole new spin on how you see - or taste - things.