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Suspect taken into custody at Planned Parenthood shooting

ImageA suspect has been taken into custody after a shooting at Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. Police said 11 people were injured and an investigation was beginning.


Suicide bomber kills 21 at Shiite Muslim procession in Nigeria

A suspected Boko Haram suicide bomber blew himself up during a religious procession of hundreds of Shiite Muslims. Local religious leaders said at least 21 were killed in the latest violence to hit the troubled region.


Chicago #BlackLivesMatter protesters halt Black Friday sales

Thousands have marched on Chicago's main shopping street, Michigan Avenue, to protest the killing of a black teen by a white police officer. The rally blocked shoppers on the US' biggest salesday, Black Friday.

Press Freedom

Attack on Hilpert at AfD demo part of an alarming trend

Television reporter Britta Hilpert was astonished to be jostled and surrounded as she tried to report on a demo in Germany. Figures show reporters increasingly being prevented from doing their job, sometimes violently.


Speculation about origin of AKs used in Paris attacks

The "Bild" newspaper has claimed that the guns used in the Paris attacks were bought in Germany. But the connection is speculative. Experts say the Kalashnikovs could have been bought anywhere on Europe's black market.


Turkish journalists' arrests draw protests at home and abroad

Some 2,000 people gathered in Istanbul to decry the detention of two journalists associated with the daily newspaper "Cumhuriyet." At a similar protest in Ankara, police reportedly used tear gas to control the crowd.


German opposition hits Merkel administration hard over Syria

Germany's Left party reacted with skepticism over the government boosting military action in Syria. Counterproductive, historically ignorant, and mistaken were just some of the ways lawmakers chacterized the new plan.


Wiebke Steffen: 'No time for years of research'

In Germany, a national prevention strategy is supposed to help keep young people from joining terror groups. The criminologist Wiebke Steffen talks about the opportunities and obstacles with regard to a prevention plan.


Brazil seeks$5.2 billion from dam spill mining companies

Vale and BHP are both being sued by Brasilia for billions. A dam at a mine owned by the two companies burst earlier this month, killing 13 and causing massive environmental damage.

Catholic Church

Pope calls on leaders in Uganda to rule responsibly

Pope Francis has been met with great fanfare in Uganda, following his visit to Kenya. He urged leaders to prove themselves "responsible managers" of natural resources, but lauded action on refugees.


Amid the mourning, French unity shows cracks

As France paid homage to the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks, there are growing fears of a rollback of French freedoms and rights. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris.


Despite terror, Paris summit could be turning point for climate

As Paris recovers from the terrorist attacks, leaders will gather to negotiate a new global climate treaty. There are still plenty of potential sticking points - but hope remains high for a meaningful result.


Belgium charges sixth suspect after Paris attacks

Belgian authorities have charged a sixth suspect with terrorist offenses over the November 13 attacks in Paris. The indictment came after a number of house searches were carried out in Brussels and southern Belgium.


Behind migrant protests, children live in limbo at Macedonia's border

With the Macedonian border closed to all but Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees, many children seeking asylum are stuck in a cold and dusty no man's land. Oscar Lopez reports from Idomeni, Greece.


Israel to open first diplomatic mission in Abu Dhabi

Israel has announced plans to open an office dedicated to renewable energy in the United Arab Emirates. If the plan is carried through, it will serve as the country's first official representation in the Gulf State.


Gauck delivers first-ever speech by a German president to Bundesrat

Germany's head of state has addressed the upper house Bundesrat, making him the first president ever to do so. He praised German federalism, but was critical of communication issues that have affected the refugee crisis.


German Bundestag approves budget for next fiscal year

Germany's federal budget for the coming year has been approved by a clear majority in the Bundestag. Despite the ongoing refugee crisis, the country is not planning to take on new debt.

Digital Life

Czech pirate goes viral on YouTube to avoid fine

A Czech software pirate held up his end of an odd court bargain: get 200,000 people to watch him denounce his former ways. Convincing or not, the video got more than enough clicks.


Polish sailors abducted in ship attack off Nigeria

A captain of a cargo ship and several crew members have been kidnapped by suspected pirates in Nigeria, Polish officials say. Several other sailors escaped capture by barricading themselves inside the vessel.

Armed Conflict

Opinion: Hollande's quest for an anti-IS alliance

President Francois Hollande spent a week searching for partners against terror. Though he was more successful than expected, only a coalition of the somewhat-willing exists for now, DW's Bernd Riegert writes.


French take to Twitter to show they are 'proud of France'

The Twitter hashtag #FiersdelaFrance has taken off, as has its Tricolor flag. While some in the country were happy to show their nation's colors in support, others were worried about consequences of ardent nationalism.


Bayern Munich post record financial results

German champions Bayern Munich posted their financial results for 2014/15 at the club's Annual General Meeting on Friday. The club's overall has more than doubled over the past decade.


Bundesliga: Darmstadt's future hinges on bold decisions to avoid the winter blues

Darmstadt's rip-roaring approach has been mellowed as the league's toils become just a routine. Without a win in four, the Lillies are facing a period that will come to define their first Bundesliga campaign since 1982.


Bangladesh ignores Islamic State's threat

The so-called "Islamic State" claims to have established a "security cell" in Bangladesh to conduct attacks on foreigners and police in the country. The government of the Muslim-majority country rejects the claim.


The green roots of Berlin's climate ambitions

Like many cities across Europe, Berlin aims to become climate-neutral by mid-century. For the capital of alternative culture, this builds on community projects - like one that brings together green living and the arts.


Sieren's China: Test-tube meat

China is building a huge animal cloning factory. However, like in the West, some Chinese consumers are skeptical about eating cloned meat, says DW's Frank Sieren.


Startups ask for directions on the road to success

When it comes to mobility, the sharing economy is about more than just taking turns renting a car. At the Wired Mobility conference in Berlin, industry players talked about sharing ideas, assets and even customers.


Why China wants a leaner, nimbler army

President Xi Jinping has announced a key reorganization of China's military to create a nimbler army by 2020. DW talks to experts about the future changes and the challenges faced by the world's largest military.

Life Links

#climatechange: End of the world as we know it

Meet two young people dealing with effects from climate change today: A Pacific Islander likely forced to move in her lifetime and a Scandinavian whose traditional reindeer grazing grounds are disappearing.