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African Union

Obama wraps up historic Africa visit

ImageUS President Barack Obama has concluded a landmark visit to East Africa by becoming the first American president to address the African Union. Obama highlighted Africa's need to combat terrorism and corruption.


Libyan court sentences Gadhafi son to death in absentia

A son of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi has been sentenced to death with eight other defendants for crimes committed during a peaceful anti-regime uprising in 2011. Seif al-Islam was sentenced in absentia.


Halloumi-nating decision to protect Cypriot cheese

Halloumi, or hellim, cheese from the island nation of Cyprus has been approved for special EU status. The project underscored the challenges ahead as the country tries to end decades of division between north and south.


Yemen conflict has claimed nearly 1,900 civilian lives: UN

The civilian death toll from four months of conflict in Yemen has risen to nearly 1,900, the UN says. It says more than 200 civilians were killed in the past 12 days alone.


Explosion shuts down Turkey-Iran natural gas pipeline amid increasing violence

The gas flow between Iran and Turkey has been shut down after an explosion on a natural gas pipeline in the Turkish province of Agri. The country's energy minister has suggested that Kurdish rebels were to blame.


Somalia bomber had ties to Germany, report says

A suicide truck bomber who killed at least 15 people in Somalia may have been a dual Somali-German national. Government sources believe his family knew of his whereabouts for several years.

Bilateral relations

Germany takes over command of EU training mission in Mali

Germany's defense minister Ursula von der Leyen is in in Mali. On Tuesday she was present at a ceremony to mark the handover of command of the European Training Mission in Mali (EUTM).


In Austria, Glorious Bastards bust Facebook haters

An invitation-only Facebook group named Glorious Bastards is taking down the social network's hatemongers. The vigilantes have already gotten one teenager fired from his job for an anti-migrant comment.


Bayern Munich completes signing of Vidal

The 28-year-old Chile midfielder returns to Germany for a second spell having previously played for Bayer Leverkusen. Vidal has signed a four-year-deal with the record champions, keeping him at the club until 2019.

Human Rights

Is the US undermining efforts to combat human trafficking?

Despite a recent migrant crisis, Malaysia has been upgraded in a US list of human trafficking offenders, while Thailand says it could further avoid sanctions despite remaining at the lowest tier. DW examines why.

Bilateral relations

Lack of trust between Turkey and China

Turkish President Erdogan is traveling to Beijing to mend ties between the two countries. The Turkish leader is expected to discuss a number of contentious issues with the Chinese leadership, including the Uighur crisis.


Swedish military investigating report of Russian submarine wreck

Divers have reportedly located the wreck of what could potentially be a Russian submarine off the east coast of Sweden. Authorities have reacted cautiously to the discovery and are examining footage of the wreck.

Corporate Reports

Deutsche Bahn earnings slump on strikes

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn has reported a steep drop in its half-year earnings. The company said the poor result was attributable to protracted strike action and spells of stormy weather across the country.


UK economy bounces back

Britain's economic growth picked up in the second quarter of the year, driven by robust service sector activity and industrial output. The strong expansion rate raises the odds of an interest rate hike this year.

Human Rights

Opinion: US trade agenda trumps fight against human trafficking

The US State Department has given Malaysia a better grade on fighting human trafficking. That decision has more to do with the president's trade agenda than human rights, says DW's Spencer Kimball.


Turkey's 'IS' crackdown revives Kurdish conflict

Now that Erdogan has called off the Kurdish peace process, critics worry that the campaign against 'IS' is being eclipsed by the revival of Turkey's war against the PKK. Noah Blaser reports from Istanbul.


Europeans head to Latin America to escape economic crisis at home

As many well-educated people can't find jobs in crisis-stricken Europe, they turn south. More migrants are moving from Europe to Latin America and the Caribbean than the other way round. Jane Chambers reports from Chile.


Greece's musical hero: Mikis Theodorakis turns 90

His impact not only on Greece's music but also its politics is unparalleled. As renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis turns 90, singer Maria Farantouri recalls their years of close collaboration.