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South Sudan

South Sudan's shaky ceasefire in doubt

ImageThe South Sudan army has continued its campaign against insurgents despite a new truce, a rebel group says. The government in turn accuses the rebels of trying to sway the global media with falsehoods.


Former Malaysian PM calls for 'people power' to oust current leader

Protests against Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak have gained momentum with support from former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Mahathir has called for Najib's resignation in connection with a financial scandal.

Eurozone crisis

IMF changing tack on Greece

Latin Americans and Asians are happy that they do not need the help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But, Europe can no longer function without it. What's behind the IMF's interest in Greece?


Kevin de Bruyne joins Manchester City in record deal

The deed is done. The saga of the Bundesliga summer is complete, as Wolfsburg's Kevin de Bruyne has returned to the Premier League in a record-breaking deal. The Belgian international has become a Citizen.


Fifth suspect detained over Austria migrant deaths

Authorities have caught an alleged fifth member of a smuggling ring in connection with the deaths of 71 people. The forensic team on the case has said it believes the migrants died of suffocation.


Thailand bombing suspect 'part of people-smuggling gang'

Thai authorities say the man arrested in connection with last week's deadly bombing at a shrine in Bangkok is not cooperating with investigators. Police believe he is part of a people-smuggling gang.


Paris, Berlin, London call for urgent meeting on EU refugee policy

The EU needs immediate action to deal with the influx of immigrants, the interior ministers of Germany, France and Britain have said in a statement. The three countries urged new "hot spots" for registration of refugees.

Saudi Arabia

Women run as candidates for first time in Saudi elections

Women have registered as candidates for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The inclusion of women in municipal polls, both as voters and as candidates, has launched a heated debate in the ultraconservative Gulf state.


Dozens killed in Saudi strike on Yemen

More than 30 civilians, said to be workers at a bottling factory, have been killed in a Saudi-led airstrike on Yemen. Meanwhile, unknown gunmen have assassinated the head of security in the port city of Aden.


Egypt announces elections after three years without parliament

Egypt has announced that it will hold parliamentary elections starting in October. The long-awaited polls will be the first since President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi ousted his Islamist predecessor.


Egypt summons UK ambassador over criticism of Al-Jazeera trial

Egypt has summoned the British ambassador in Cairo for comments he made about a court's decision to sentence three Al-Jazeera journalists to prison. The diplomat had said he was "shocked" by the judge's ruling.


'Ötzi-Walk:' Hike like in the Stone Age

Three hikers, two weeks, one rule: use Stone Age appropriate equipment only. To promote an exhibition, a museum sent two men and one woman on the "Ötzi-Walk." But they didn't plan with a stint of bad summer weather.


'Greece needs a grand coalition'

Greeks vote again on September 20. Even though the governing party Syriza has split, its leader - Alexis Tsipras - is in a strong position. He'll continue implementing reforms, says political scientist Heinz-Jürgen Axt.


Washing their hands clean in Russia

"Step away from the sink, that detergent could kill you!" That’s the latest message from Russian health authorities as they ramp up the sanctions war. Fiona Clark reports from Moscow.


World Athletics Championships: Germans end on a high

The last day of the World Athletics Championships in Beijing was a good one for the US, which won the 4x400m relay, and for Germany. Katharina Molitor clinched her country's second gold medal - just in the nick of time.


Another temple in Syria's Palmyra severely damaged

Activists say the self-styled "Islamic State" has damaged another temple in the Syrian city of Palmyra. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is being systematically razed following occupation by the Islamist militants.


Mass protests in Tokyo against controversial military bills

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in front of Japanese parliament to protest against security bills they believe to be unconstitutional. The proposed legislation would allow Japanese soldiers to fight overseas.


British neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks dies at 82

The British neurologist and best-selling author Oliver Sacks, who became famous with such books as "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," has died. His works were translated into more than 25 languages.


De Bruyne transfer shows the new power of the pound in football

It was a long time in the making, and it will have a ripple effect for a long time to come. DW's Jefferson Chase examines how Kevin de Bruyne's transfer - and the money behind it - unsettles the Bundesliga.


'We are importing religious conflict,' says prominent sociologist

German sociologist H.G. Soeffner makes the case for a quick integration of immigrants in Germany. If the opportunity is missed, serious cultural conflicts may arise. Social cohesion does not occur on a cultural level.


Berlin faith groups unite for 'Long Night of Religions'

In a unique event, religious groups in Germany's capital opened their doors for one night, to highlight the city's diversity and provide an insight into almost 100 faith groups. DW's Kate Brady reports from Berlin.

United States

Ten years after Katrina, New Orleans is still a ticking time bomb

Some refered to it as a celebration, others rather thought of the day as a commemoration. But the tenth anniversary of Katrina proved to be an opportunity to reflect on the past and look at what dangers lie ahead.


Bundesliga: Bayern walk over Leverkusen, Frankfurt deepen Stuttgart's misery

Frankfurt piled more hurt on Stuttgart with a 4-1 win, while Cologne overcame Hamburg. And Bayern Munich showed Leverkusen who was boss with a 3-0 home victory that wasn't as close as the scoreline suggested.


Cricket is helping Indian immigrants to Germany settle in

You don't usually associate cricket with the outskirts of Berlin. But as DW's Alima Hotakie found out, the sport connects a group of Indian immigrants with both their old and new homelands.