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First-world problem? Norway and Sweden battle over who gets to burn waste

ImageWhile many countries struggle to get rid of household waste, Norway cannot get enough of it - to run its waste-to-energy incinerator plants. Oslo even has to import waste, and is blaming Sweden for its problems.


Rare white rhino dies, leaving three left in the world

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park announced that a Northern White Rhinoceros died on Sunday after suffering from a bacterial infection. On the brink of extinction, the tragedy has left only three in the world.


Full impacts from Brazil's largest environmental disaster still not known

After a breached mine tailings dam released a torrent of toxic mud across villages and land in southwestern Brazil, the full extent of the disaster has yet to become clear. Other dams are also at risk of breaking.

Food and Drink

Genetically modified salmon approved in US

A type of salmon genetically engineered to grow faster has been deemed fit for consumption in the US, making it the first scientifically altered animal of its kind to be bound for Americans' dinner plates.


German CO2 emissions targets at risk

A new coal-fired power plant has opened in Germany a day after an expert commission told the energy minister the country must triple its annual rate of decarbonization to meet its ambitious 2020 climate policy goals.


Britain turns its back on coal power

Britain has set out its plans to phase out coal power plants within the next ten years under tightening EU environmental standards, and turn towards gas, nuclear and potentially wind power, to make up the shortfall.


Dhaka: Climate refugees and a collapsing city

With multiplying impacts of climate change - increasing floods, cyclones, and drought - thousands of climate refugees are migrating to Dhaka. And the city, well beyond its carrying capacity, is bursting at the seams.

Global Ideas

Banksy meets Jacques Cousteau: can art inspire a social movement?

Even in a world awash with images, art still has the power to draw attention. But can it trigger social change? The PangeaSeed art collective hopes so.


Climate change endangers Antarctica's iconic species

Despite its hostile environment, Antarctica is home to extraordinary wildlife. But climate change is changing ecosystems there. Emperor penguins and Weddell seals may see dramatic declines by the end of this century.