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Global Ideas

An American rhino heads for Indonesia

ImageA US zoo housing the country's last Sumatran rhino is planning to pack it off to Southeast Asia in a bid to help pull the rare species back from the brink of extinction.

Global Ideas

Soya monocultures overshadow small-scale farmers

While the rise of soya monocultures is changing the face of rural Paraguay, small-scale farmers are fighting back with traditional and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Global Ideas

Golden Rice: a shining solution, or an impending danger?

Beta-carotene enriched Golden Rice is a much touted humanitarian solution to widespread Vitamin A deficiency in poor countries. But many argue the golden grains are only meant to improve the image of big biotechs.


Berliners reap what they didn't sow

Hedonists love Berlin for its fabled forbidden fruit. But in late summer, when the leaves of the linden and chestnut trees begin turning gold, the city's abundance of not-so forbidden fruit is even more tempting.


Knut the bear's mysterious death solved

Scientists have discovered what caused Berlin's beloved polar bear Knut to drown in his enclosure. The cub was the star of the zoo during his brief life from 2006 to 2011.


The way of the trash

A stunning NASA simulation illustrates how trash accumulates in the world’s five ocean garbage patches and shows how even the tiniest particles move along ocean streams.