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BP to pay record fine over oil spill

ImageBritish energy giant BP will pay a record fine to settle claims for damages stemming from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The agreement was reached with the Department of Justice and five US states.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Greenpeace plans bid for Vattenfall's German coal business

Environmental group Greenpeace is exploring funding options to buy Vattenfall's lignite business in eastern Germany in a bid to scale back the operations put up for sale by the Swedish state-owned energy giant.


Draft climate text released - but what about the emission gap?

Implementation of the 146 national climate action plans submitted in preparation of the Paris climate summit would result in global warming of 2.7 degrees Celsius - which is still above the target of 2 degrees Celsius.

United States

Torrential rainfall floods South Carolina

Heavy downpours in North and South Carolina have caused the deaths of at least nine people. South Carolina faced over 45 centimeters of rainfall over the weekend, with the weather expected to last until Tuesday.


Europe's GMO compromise: bound to unravel?

Six months after an EU compromise allowing member states to decide individually whether or not to grow genetically modified crops, half the bloc's members have announced plans to ban them. How will this play out?


India pledges to cut carbon intensity ahead of climate talks

India has pledged to cut the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions as its economy grows and increases its use of renewable energy. The pledge comes before a summit in Paris to strike a global deal on climate change.


Brazil commits to 37 percent reduction in greenhouse gases

Brazil has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37 percent over the next decade. The pledge comes ahead of a summit in Paris at the end of the year to strike a global agreement to stem climate change.


Alarm as haze from Indonesian fires spreads in Southeast Asia

Forest fires smothering Southeast Asia could become the worst on record, according a NASA expert on biomass burning. Robert Field has said conditions resemble Asia's worst haze eight years ago.

Global Ideas

Swapping guns for smart phones in the fight against poaching

Poaching remains a serious existential threat for many species, in spite of global efforts to combat it. But an innovative app could help thwart poachers in remote areas and beyond.


German reunification: Rare species gain ground where tanks once rolled

In the 25 years since German reunification and the end of the Cold War, abandoned military lands in both west and east have been repurposed as nature preserves. Conservationists seek to protect these unique ecologies.


Award-winning climate expert Latif: 'I am not afraid of the future'

The up-and-coming generation is ready and able to use renewable energy to avert catastrophic climate change, says German Environmental Prize winner Mojib Latif. A UN climate agreement in Paris alone will not be enough.