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Theory of Relativity

10 or so things you should know about Albert Einstein and his theories of relativity

ImageIt's been 100 years since Albert Einstein completed his theories of relativity. They were radical. They reshaped the way physicists view space, time, gravity, even the universe. But try explaining them to a child.


It's two steps forward and one step back in the fight against malaria

Malaria research advances yet again! This week alone we've had two separate research groups - one in Germany and one in the US - announce new findings. But there's still no vaccine in sight.


New technique allows US scientists to witness the birth of a 'baby planet'

When new planets absorb nearby gases and dust they get hot. A strange light is emitted as a result and that has allowed researchers to watch a distant exoplanet as it is being formed.

Tech IPOs

Why you should care about Square, unicorns and the new tech bubble

Want to know why "everyone" is talking about unicorns, Jack Dorsey and a tech firm called Square? No, not Foursquare. Just Square. It's debuted at the New York Stock Exchange and rocketed. Read on.

Men's Health

International Men's Day: We need to 'free the man and make him more emancipated'

Men are "trapped in a cage" that stops them from facing up to health issues, says an organizer of this year's International Men's Day. In our Twitter poll, many of you agree: Men's health issues get overlooked.


Scientists discover new antibiotic-resistant gene MCR-1 in China

A new gene rendering bacteria immune to an antibiotic has been found in China by a Lancet research team. Doctors worry that it could roll back decades of medical progress, as bacteria adapt to resist antibiotics.


World's most complex face transplant performed on volunteer US firefighter

A medical center in New York says it successfully performed the world's most extensive face transplant in August on a volunteer firefighter.


The evil in all of us

Are we good or evil? And is violence something that can be elicited from any one of us? DW goes on a neurobiological search for the origins of human violence.


With animal sperm, size matters

The bigger the animal, the smaller the sperm. Sounds paradoxical? According to a new study, it makes perfect sense. Researchers have shown that the size of the animal determines sperm size and sperm numbers.


MAVEN probe delights scientists with quality data on Mars’ early atmospheric loss

The first data from NASA’s MAVEN mission to Mars suggest solar bursts enhanced early atmospheric loss. It’s shedding new light on the Red Planet’s cold climate and how it’s changed over billions of years.

Gender Equality

An 'unfavorable environment' for female scientists

Teams of female scientists tend to pursue different questions than teams of men. That alone makes the case for diversity in the lab (and beyond). Emilie Marcus of Cell Press tells DW why it's not happening yet.