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What you need to know about the extreme weather event El Niño

ImageForecasts for the 2015-2016 El Niño are grim. It's predicted we'll see more extreme weather, for longer - perhaps even more than in 1997. But could you explain what that means? Read on.


One-meter rise in sea levels inevitable, NASA says

NASA scientists have warned that sea levels around the world are to rise by at least one meter (3 feet) in the next 100 to 200 years. Major cities like Tokyo and Singapore could disappear, new data suggest.


New photos from dwarf planet Ceres show new details of a "pyramid"

New images from space probe dawn raise questions of two new extraterrestrial structures scientists have never seen seen before.


Second case of plague confirmed at Yosemite

The second case of plague diagnosed in less than a month has been traced to Yosemite National Park in California. Park authorities have closed down a section of the park and urged caution.


Healthy eating in traditional Chinese medicine

With so many healthy diet theories flying around these days, it can be hard to know what is actually good for our bodies. Here's a completely different view of food, one that's been established for thousands of years.


Faster results for HIV tests in Germany

Scared you might have HIV? In the past, you had to wait 12 weeks in Germany before getting an answer. Now, the wait has been reduced to six - which will further reduce infections. Other countries are faster.


Beetle comeback: Europe's seven spot ladybug recovers from Asian 'attack'

Scientists had long feared the seven spot ladybug - Europe's most common - was endangered due to an invasion by East Asia's predatory Harmonia axyridis. But the Coccinella septempunctata is back.


Pea-sized brains: 'Probably a hundred' growing in labs

The small white lumps of tissue grown in a lab aren't much bigger than peas, but they have the same basic structure as a brain. Researchers can now grown human brains in jars - just like livers and other bodily tissues.

Internet Governance

Darknet: The web's black market for goods and ideas

Originally developed by the US government, today's darknet is a playground for illegal activities. Although it's supposedly impossible to break in to or dismantle, police have managed to crack it in the past.