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Chance for historic change in Tanzania

ImageIn October Tanzanians go to the polls. Many members of the governing party have crossed over to the opposition. Experts expect a close finish - and a test of the strength of East African democracy.


Refugees defy Hungarian police as EU remains divided over crisis

More than 1,000 refugees stranded at Budapest's train station have begun walking towards Austria as hundreds also escaped a camp near Serbia. Hungary and EU leaders have traded strong words over handling the crisis.


'Islamic State' blows up tower tombs at Syria's Palmyra

"Islamic State" ("IS") has blown up three ancient tower tombs in Palmyra. The loss to the UNESCO World Heritage site is the latest in a series of jihadi demolitions.

Africa on the Move

Ivory Coast: Making natural hair a trend

Synthetic hair, extensions, wigs: many African women take it upon themselves to meet a Western ideal of beauty, namely straight hair. In the Ivory Coast some women are taking a stand against the mainstream trend.


Is Czech anti-migrant sentiment fading?

Anti-refugee rhetoric has been vociferous in the relatively homogenous Czech Republic, but the tide of public opinion may now be turning. Ian Willoughby reports from Prague.

World War II

Nazi 'gold train' discoverers make first TV appearance as soldiers arrive on site

Two men claiming to have discovered a lost Nazi "gold train" - believed to be filled with looted treasure - have appeared on Polish television. Soldiers have arrived at the spot where the train is thought to be buried.

LGBT rights

Kentucky Clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gays

Clerks in Kentucky's Rowan County have been ordered to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. But their defiant boss Kim Davis has refused to comply with the rules and is now in jail.


First local elections in Morocco a test for ruling Islamist party

Moroccans are headed to the polls in the country's first local elections since 2011. Voter turn-out is expected to test the ruling Islamist government's popularity and highlight issues like corruption and unemployment.