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Mullah Omar: An Islamist who fought against two world powers

ImageMullah Omar, the Taliban leader who fought a protracted war against both Soviet Union and NATO in Afghanistan, has died due to illness. With his death the militant group has lost its most charismatic and unifying figure.


Belgian architects address displacement with Maggie

With the number of refugees worldwide at an all-time high, the search for shelter is a priority. A Belgian architecture firm has developed a long-lasting, energy-efficient solution. Martin Kuebler reports from Brussels.


Israel approves settlements in West Bank, East Jerusalem

Israel has announced the immediate construction of several hundred homes in the West Bank settlement of Beit El and in East Jerusalem. The plans are likely to draw international rebuke.


Opinion: end of an era

With Mullah Omar's death, the Taliban have lost a unifying figure. The possibility of another Taliban regime in Afghanistan might be over, but that also puts the ongoing peace talks at risk, says DW's Florian Weigand.

United Nations

Russia vetoes proposal for UN to set up MH17 tribunal

Russia has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution which had aimed to set up an international tribunal to prosecute those suspected of downing MH17. The passenger plane crashed in eastern Ukraine just over a year ago.


Interns shortchanged by prestigious Brussels training programs

Many young people come to Brussels intent on landing a coveted international internship - but the positions don't always turn out as expected. As Martin Kuebler reports, some groups are trying to change that.


Ashton Carter tells US Congress all options remain against Iran

Ashton Carter has said US armed forces are ready to confront Iran should it commit aggression. The US Defense Secretary was on capitol hill to defend a recently-agreed Iran nuclear deal.


Accused lion hunter released on bail in Zimbabwe

The suspect is charged with failure to prevent the killing of Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous lion who lived in a national park. It is not known whether the American hunter who shot the lion will also be charged.