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Venezuelan opposition politician murdered at election rally

ImageA member of an opposition party in Venezuela has been shot dead at a political rally ahead of a major election. UNASUR, South America's regional block, has condemned the murder.

Armed Conflict

'Hard to see what good the attacks in Syria have done'

On the day Germany announced plans to begin reconnaissance flights in Syria, David Cameron asked parliament to expand Britain's mission. The European Council on Foreign Relations' Nik Witney doesn't see much benefit.


Germany 'to send reconnaissance jets to Syria'

Germany plans to send reconnaissance jets to Syria, to help in the fight against "Islamic State," according to a Christian Democrat politician. French President Hollande appealed to Germany for help to fight the group.

Muslim World

Attacks against Muslims on the rise after Paris strikes

Hate mongers in several European countries have been targeting Muslims after the Paris attacks. Experts say there is an urgent need to stop demonizing one religious community and develop strategies for reconciliation.

Press Freedom

Prestigious media award for Ethiopian bloggers

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has awarded its International Press Freedom Award to six Ethiopian bloggers who served more than a year in Ethiopia’s notorious prisons.

United Kingdom

Cameron makes case for UK airstrikes against 'IS'

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants lawmakers to approve airstrikes against 'IS' militants in Syria, reports Samira Shackle from London, and the chances are good that he will get a majority in favor.

United States

Guantanamo closure unlikely after Obama signs defense bill

The shuttering of the Guantanamo detention camp sought by US President Barack Obama has been negated by his signing of a $607 billion defense bill. Obama vowed to close the prison when he took office in 2009.


Pope: Failure at COP21 in Paris would be 'catastrophic'

Pope Francis has made a strong call to world leaders to agree on a binding agreement to fight global warming. Daniel Pelz reports from Nairobi, where the pontiff was speaking days before a key climate summit in Paris.