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African activists honored with the 2015 Aachen Peace Prize

ImageHuman rights activists from Africa have been awarded Germany's prestigious Aachen peace prize this year. The recipients include two religious leaders and student volunteers who work with refugees in Morocco.


Orang-utan shot dead at German zoo during attempted escape

A Sumatran orang-utan known as Nieas has been shot dead by zookeepers in the western German city of Duisburg. The 26-year-old ape made a break for freedom after its door was not properly locked.

Right-Wing Extremism

Life in the Nazi village

For years, neo-Nazis in northern Germany have been trying to turn the village of Jamel into their own little paradise. A husband and wife who are trying to stop them now have to live with police protection.

Motor racing

Remembering Stefan Bellof, German motorsport's 'wild horse'

German racer Stefan Bellof died 30 years ago, crashing his Porsche at Spa Francorchamps. Bellof's sheer speed, even recklessness, was only outweighed by his charisma - perhaps that's why nobody ever tried to tame him.


Inside Germany's first one-stop migrant reception and deportation center

Bavaria has opened Germany's first one-stop reception and deportation center, expressly for turning back Balkan migrants quickly. Human rights groups and some locals aren't happy. Ben Knight reports from Ingolstadt.


Reference to 'wonderful negro' singer has German minister in hot water

A German politician has sparked a flurry of activity on social media by referring to a pop singer during a TV debate about the migration crisis as a "wonderful negro." The pop singer referred to said he took no offence.

Court Cases

First Love Parade trial opens in Duisburg

Five years after the Love Parade ended in tragedy in the German city of Duisburg, the organizers are being forced to defend themselves in court. Twenty-one people died and hundreds were injured when a stampede broke out.


Opinion: Merkel steps up

Germany's position on the refugee crisis facing Europe is clear and without "ifs" and "maybes," writes DW's Dagmar Engel. The only thing Chancellor Merkel could perhaps work on in future is her timing.

Arms Exports

German gunmaker Sig Sauer faces criminal charges over Mexico drug killings

German weapons maker Sig Sauer is facing a second lawsuit on suspicion of illegally exporting guns to Latin America. A Mexican drug cartel member has confessed to killing 12 people with one of its handguns.


How Facebook deals with openly racist comments

Gigantic masses of content are shared on Facebook every day. But what is banned, and how quickly? Racist, xenophobic comments on Facebook in Germany are rampant these days, and they have many people worried.

Eastern Germany

Eastern Germany 'more susceptible' to 'xenophobic radicalization'

Recent violent protests against a refugees' shelter have sparked a debate about right-wing extremism in Germany. A prominent politician from the west of the country has said the problem is worse in the east.


'We are all Germany' - celebrities support refugees

How can you promote tolerance and diversity in Germany? DW talked to celebrities at the German government's annual open house weekend.


Cricket is helping Indian immigrants to Germany settle in

You don't usually associate cricket with the outskirts of Berlin. But as DW's Alima Hotakie found out, the sport connects a group of Indian immigrants with both their old and new homelands.


Berlin faith groups unite for 'Long Night of Religions'

In a unique event, religious groups in Germany's capital opened their doors for one night, to highlight the city's diversity and provide an insight into almost 100 faith groups. DW's Kate Brady reports from Berlin.


Eritrean translators 'intimidating refugees' in Germany

Eritrean translators are deliberately mistranslating the testimonies of refugees during their hearings, according to dissidents' groups in Germany. Some are even intimidating them into hiding human rights abuses.

'Islamic State'

How Islamists attract young German women

Extremists have become adroit at using the Internet to spread propaganda. It's also where the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" attracts not just prospective new fighters, but also young wives and mothers from Europe.


Revisiting Berlin's wonder years

The early 1990s were a coming of age - both for Berlin and for DW's Jane Paulick. A recently published collection of photos of freshly reunified Berlin sent her on a trip down memory lane.


Lufthansa introduces booking fee

Despite intense backlash from booking sites and travel agencies, the German airline Lufthansa is now charging users more for bookings made outside direct channels.