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Wiebke Steffen: 'No time for years of research'

ImageIn Germany, a national prevention strategy is supposed to help keep young people from joining terror groups. The criminologist Wiebke Steffen talks about the opportunities and obstacles with regard to a prevention plan.


German opposition hits Merkel administration hard over Syria

Germany's Left party reacted with skepticism over the government boosting military action in Syria. Counterproductive, historically ignorant, and mistaken were just some of the ways lawmakers chacterized the new plan.

Press Freedom

Attack on Hilpert at AfD demo part of an alarming trend

Television reporter Britta Hilpert was astonished to be jostled and surrounded as she tried to report on a demo in Germany. Figures show reporters increasingly being prevented from doing their job, sometimes violently.


Young entrepreneurs develop digital medical solutions

Startups like Vitameter, Serona and Viomedo stand for innovative digital solutions in the medical industry. Not left to their own devices, their endeavors are supported by big companies.


Gauck delivers first-ever speech by a German president to Bundesrat

Germany's head of state has addressed the upper house Bundesrat, making him the first president ever to do so. He praised German federalism, but was critical of communication issues that have affected the refugee crisis.


German Bundestag approves budget for next fiscal year

Germany's federal budget for the coming year has been approved by a clear majority in the Bundestag. Despite the ongoing refugee crisis, the country is not planning to take on new debt.


To fight or not to fight: The end of German checkbook diplomacy?

On Conflict Zone, we debated the aftermath of the Paris attacks with two German politicians of the two opposing political camps. Now Chancellor Merkel assured France military help. What are the implications?


German police release terrorist suspects

Police in Berlin have released three men taken into custody under suspicion of plotting attacks in Germany. They had been detained during a series of raids starting on Thursday.


Report: Evidence Paris attack weapons shipped from Germany

A German newspaper has reported possible links between the illegal arms trade in Germany and the November 13 terrorist attacks. Officials have declined to comment on the report.


How German Tornado jets can help the anti-IS alliance in Syria

The Paris attacks brought changes: Germany has pledged "any form of support" to France in its fight against terrorism. Right now, it looks like the German military will deploy its Tornado reconnaissance jets.


German police arrest suspected jihadists

The two were detained in Berlin following a tip-off that an attack on the city was being planned. The incident comes just days after the city senate voted to bulk up security in the capital.

Social Media

Syrian refugee becomes an Internet hit

A Facebook post intended for a handful of friends has resulted in worldwide attention for a Berlin woman and a Syrian refugee named Alex.

Armed Conflict

'Hard to see what good the attacks in Syria have done'

On the day Germany announced plans to begin reconnaissance flights in Syria, David Cameron asked parliament to expand Britain's mission. The European Council on Foreign Relations' Nick Witney doesn't see much benefit.


Attacks against Muslims on the rise after Paris strikes

Hatemongers in several European countries have been targeting Muslims after the Paris attacks. Advocates say people need to develop strategies for reconciliation rather than demonize Muslims en masse.


10 years in charge: A portrait of Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel's way of doing politics seems understated when you first see it: she's reserved and makes her decisions late. But in a crisis she sticks to the task - and she's been doing it that way for 10 years.


Opinion: Dangerous times for Merkel

"Merkeling" is a neologism for letting politics run their course. For a decade, the chancellor has been successful doing just that. Now, of all times, her 10th anniversary year will decide her fate, Volker Wagener says.


How companies profit from the refugee crisis

The large number of people coming into Germany from Syria and other countries is a challenge for city governments. They frequently have to rely on help from the private economy, where it's all about the bottom line.


Germany ponders dilemma of 'transit zones'

Bavarian politicians have been warming to the idea of "transit zones" for migrants entering Germany. However, refugee organizations are not so keen on the proposal, claiming it would be wrong, as well as impractical.