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Auto Industry

Wolfsburg is Volkswagen, VW is Wolfsburg

ImageIn a world without Winterkorn, Volkswagen workers fear for the future of the company and their jobs as they wonder about the impact of the emission tests scandal. DW's Janelle Dumalaon reports from Wolfsburg.


Immigration pushes Germany's population to highest level since 1992

Germany's population has increased to 81.2 million, the highest level since 1992. The population growth was led by an increase in the number of immigrants.


Reports: US nuclear 'upgrades' in Europe

Upgrades of six US air bases set to stock modernized B61 nuclear bombs are continuing in Turkey and Europe, according to US and German researchers. They claim Turkey's Incirlik base stocks at least 50 such US weapons.


91-year old woman charged with complicity to murder in Auschwitz

A former SS radio operator at Auschwitz, now 91, has been charged by German authorities with being an accessory to murder on 260,000 Counts. Prosecutors say her trial in Kiel is not likely to begin until next year.


Thousands take to Berlin to protest EU-US TTIP accord

Tens of thousands have taken to the streets to demonstrate against a free-trade agreement between the EU and the US. TTIP, activists fear, would erode labor and environmental standards. Naomi Conrad reports from Berlin.


Officials deny talks of Germany-EU solidarity tax

Officials have dismissed a report saying that Berlin and Brussels want a new tax to help with the refugee crisis. The report had said the tax would have been a Europe-wide initiative.

'Islamic State'

Teenager suspected of joining 'Islamic State' deported from Turkey to Germany

German prosecutors have said a German teenager accused of training with the 'Islamic State' (IS) in Syria has been deported from Turkey. The 19-year-old is accused of traveling there via Bulgaria and Turkey in March.


German teenager suspected of joining 'Islamic State' deported from Turkey

German prosecutors have said a German teenager accused of training with the 'Islamic State' (IS) in Syria has been deported from Turkey. The 19-year-old is accused of traveling there via Bulgaria and Turkey in March.


Massive increase in attacks on refugee shelters

Authorities in Germany have recorded more than 490 attacks on asylum seeker shelters this year. The attacks ranged from racist graffiti to arson and, worryingly, the alleged perpetrators were not the usual suspects.

Court Cases

Darmstadt murder victim choked 'till the last breath'

A witness has told a Darmstadt court that a murdered woman had suffered frequent abuse at home. He says she had been choked multiple times before the night she died. The 19-year-old's parents are accused of killing her.


Alarm in Austria over Seehofer's Bavaria border plan

Alarm is growing in Austria over the Bavarian state premier's plans to reduce the number of migrants crossing the border. Austria had grown accustomed to its role as a transit country, Alison Langley writes from Vienna.


Can Bavaria really close its borders and build fences?

Bavaria's state government has threatened "self-defense" if the federal government does not curb the number of refugees arriving. But can Bavaria even do that? European law expert Walther Michl gave DW some answers.


Seehofer widens rift with Merkel over refugee policy

Bavarian State Premier Horst Seehofer has mounted a direct attack on Angela Merkel's asylum policy. The chancellor's supposed conservative ally has now threatened her with constitutional action.


Bavaria's 'self-defense measures' against refugees cause outrage

Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer continues to defy Chancellor Angela Merkel by threatening that Bavarian might go it alone in restricting migrant movements. The measures would have an impact on neighboring Austria.


Eritrean translators 'intimidating refugees' in Germany

Eritrean translators are deliberately mistranslating the testimonies of refugees during their hearings, according to dissidents' groups in Germany. Some are even intimidating them into hiding human rights abuses.

'Islamic State'

How Islamists attract young German women

Extremists have become adroit at using the Internet to spread propaganda. It's also where the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" attracts not just prospective new fighters, but also young wives and mothers from Europe.


Revisiting Berlin's wonder years

The early 1990s were a coming of age - both for Berlin and for DW's Jane Paulick. A recently published collection of photos of freshly reunified Berlin sent her on a trip down memory lane.


Traditional onion market in Weimar

For the 362nd time the famed Thüringen onion market will be expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors this weekend. Even Goethe was once a fan.