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Saxony seeks to speed up deportations for low-chance asylum seekers

ImageThe premier of the eastern German state of Saxony has announced plans to set up a special camp for refugees with little chance of being granted asylum. This comes as Germany grapples with a mounting wave of migrants.


German Justice Minister Maas terminates Federal Prosecutor Range

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has sacked federal prosecutor Harald Range, after Range complained of political interference in the treason investigation of two journalists.


Outrage as Range turns Netzpolitik treason storm into constitutional row

Germany's chief prosecutor said the government has interfered in the rule of law out of political expediency. But critics see hypocrisy in his differing policies in pursuing "Netzpolitik" and the NSA.

Children and Families

In Germany, 'mystic' parents get jail time for denying child medical treatment

Germany's highest court has ruled against a woman and her guru boyfriend who were charged with refusing the teenage son's urgently needed cystic fibrosis treatment. They had opted to rely on meditation instead.


Two alleged 'IS' returnees to Germany go on trial

Two German men have been put on trial on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization. The two allegedly traveled last year to territory in Syria and Iraq controlled by "Islamic State" jihadists.


Germany's Yazidis call on Turkey to combat 'Islamic State'

One year ago, terror group "Islamic State" began a brutal campaign of violence against Iraq's Yazidi minority. Germany's Yazidi community has used the anniversary to demand Turkey do more to stop the militants.

Press Freedom

Germany's Merkel backs justice minister over Netzpolitik treason probe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has joined two of her ministers in casting doubt on a treason probe into two Internet journalists. She said authorities needed to be sensitive where press freedom was at stake.


Gamescom: Gaming industry surging ahead

The German city of Cologne is all set to host Gamescom, the biggest computer and video game event in the world. DW takes a look at the worldwide digital games market and new developments in this fast-growing sector.

Press Freedom

German Justice Ministry 'warned against Netzpolitik treason investigation'

The German Justice Ministry cautioned federal prosecutors against a treason probe into two journalists, a newspaper report has said. The affair has caused a heated row within the coalition government.


German film-making giant Til Schweiger to build refugee home

German film director and actor Til Schweiger has announced plans to convert a former barracks into a refugee home in central Germany. The award-winning filmmaker has persistently called for more empathy for refugees.

Court Cases

German who fought for 'IS' in Syria denounces extremism

Back from Syria and charged with fighting for the "Islamic State," the German Ebrahim B. no longer has illusions of "five-star jihad" and now advocates against extremism. His trial begins on Monday.


Guinea asylum seeker reported shot by police at Bonn refugee center

An asylum seeker has been shot and wounded at a refugee center in Bonn in the west of Germany. The incident followed a dispute between two residents at the center.

Press Freedom

German intelligence chief defends charges against Netzpolitik reporters

Germany's domestic intelligence chief has defended charges against Netzpolitik reporters to "ensure the fight against extremism and terrorism." Netzpolitik was to be investigated for publishing "classified" documents.

Eurozone crisis

Report: Greece planned German corruption probes in 'Grexit' scenario

Greece had formed a contingency plan to open corruption investigations into German companies in the case of a "Grexit," reported local media. Targeted companies included Germany's Siemens, Lidl and Allianz.


Eritrean translators 'intimidating refugees' in Germany

Eritrean translators are deliberately mistranslating the testimonies of refugees during their hearings, according to dissidents' groups in Germany. Some are even intimidating them into hiding human rights abuses.

'Islamic State'

How Islamists attract young German women

Extremists have become adroit at using the Internet to spread propaganda. It's also where the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" attracts not just prospective new fighters, but also young wives and mothers from Europe.


Revisiting Berlin's wonder years

The early 1990s were a coming of age - both for Berlin and for DW's Jane Paulick. A recently published collection of photos of freshly reunified Berlin sent her on a trip down memory lane.


Berlin TV Tower: Construction began 50 years ago

The symbol of Germany's capital was visited by some 60 million people. No one could have predicted such a success story for the Fernsehturm when its construction began on August 4, 1965, at Alexanderplatz.