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The Casablanca kiss: Remembering Ingrid Bergman 100 years on

Image"Here's looking at you, kid!" Swedish-born actress Ingrid Bergman became a world star with Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca." The 100th anniversary of her birth is being celebrated in Europe and the US.


ABBA's piano goes under the hammer

We've all heard it, now you can have it: The grand piano that featured on a number of ABBA's biggest hits is up for sale. The instrument is expected to fetch a hefty sum at auction.


How to age gracefully: Günter Grass offers a radical last work

During his life, the author never avoided controversy. Once more, he boldly dealt with difficult topics in his final book: Aging and mortality. Four months after his death, it is now available in bookstores in German.


Syrian refugee and philosopher receives Germany's Goethe Medal

A Syrian refugee is among the three winners of Germany's Goethe Medal for intercultural understanding: philosopher Sadik Al-Azm. Museum director Neil MacGregor and theater director Eva Sopher were also honored.


'The Girl in the Spider's Web': Stieg Larsson's heroes get an update

The just released fourth "Millennium" book, "The Girl in the Spider's Web," wasn't written by Stieg Larsson. The real author says the job terrified him - and not because of Lisbeth Salander's intrigues with the NSA.


Germany submits film on Auschwitz trials for the Oscars

"Labyrinth of Lies," the official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards this year, deals with post-war Germany. A slick flick on Berlin nightlife was dismissed for overdoing the English.

Food and Drink

Your favorite sweet and savory treats from German bakeries

Germany is famous worldwide for its baked goods, from whole-grain bread to delicious cakes. DW readers share their favorites.


Master of erotic photography: Man Ray's 125th birthday

Man Ray dared mix of art and photography and spiced up his works with his favorite motif: the female body. On the 125th anniversary of his birth, here's a look at his greatest work and revolutionary technique.


How Germany deals with Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

Hitler's manifesto is banned in Germany, but will soon enter the public domain. Some want it read out loud, others would prefer to keep it in the university's "poison cabinet." DW explains what's next for "Mein Kampf."


The first James Bond: Sean Connery celebrates his 85th birthday

He was James Bond and the "sexiest man alive," and was knighted by the Queen. Sean Connery was a heartthrob - but also celebrated for the depth of character he brought to roles. Happy 85th birthday, Sir Sean.


London's new Jack the Ripper Museum shrouded in mystery

First billed as a women's history museum, London's exhibition dedicated to Jack the Ripper leaves out the real story behind the legendary murderer. But it has managed to shroud itself in great mystery.


'Dismaland': Banksy opens sinister theme park in UK

Best known for his provocative street art, UK graffiti artist Banksy has branched out, opening a theme park near Bristol. Attractions at "Dismaland" include a dead Cinderella and model boats full of asylum seekers.


Germany's battle of the bands: Which state has the best music?

The German music scene is increasingly singing "auf Deutsch" - now even internationally famed rockers Donots. They're among 16 German bands competing on a popular TV show for a national title.


Beethoven Journey (pt. 1 of 6)

One stop on Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes' critically acclaimed worldwide Beethoven Journey was in Bonn. With him, we begin a complete cycle of Beethoven's piano concertos this hour.


Beethoven Journey (pt. 2 of 6)

Proving that you can't be overfed Beethoven, we continue with the complete cycle of the composer's piano concertos. This time: the Concerto Number Four, led by Leif Ove Andsnes from the piano.


Word of the Week: Augenschmaus

If only our eyes had teeth.This German word puts a whole new spin on how you see - or taste - things.