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'The Secret Handshake': Why an Israeli and an Iranian band are touring together

ImageThe political situation between their home countries is tense, but that didn't stop an Iranian and an Israeli band from jamming together. Now the musicians are joining forces on tour in Germany.


Iraqi author Najem Wali: 'Arabic media outlets are controlled by petro-dollars'

The Iraqi writer and journalist discusses with DW about the responsibility of intellectuals in the Arab world and the inspiration for his books, explaining why the poet Adonis does not deserve a peace prize at all.


Opinion: German Public Broadcasting's debacle with the Eurovision Song Contest

They picked Xavier Naidoo as the candidate for the world's biggest entertainment show - then dumped him. Do public broadcasters know what they are doing? DW music editor Rick Fulker comments on their strange strategies.


Neil MacGregor: Understanding the German soul

Neil MacGregor, outgoing head of the British Museum and founding artistic director of Berlin's Humboldt-Forum culture and science center, discusses his book "Germany: Memories of a Nation," just published in German.


From Charlemagne's throne to Merkel's mobile: German history in 100 objects

How do you recount 2,000 years of German history? The historian Hermann Schäfer chose 100 objects to illustrate the country's past. Here are 12 of them.


Salman Rushdie: 'Continue to be Parisians'

Is the victory of evil inevitable? Talking to DW, British-Indian author Salman Rushdie explains how his new novel became contemporary by accident and why defending free speech is more important now than ever.


Boualem Sansal: "You can't fight ideas with cannons"

Is Europe too weak? Could it have stopped the jihadists a long time ago? DW asked controversial Algerian author Boualem Sansal about the shortcomings of Western politics.


10 soul greats who came before Adele

Adele carries on a rich tradition of female soul singers going back to the 1950s, from Aretha Franklin to Janis Joplin and more. We take a look back at those who paved the way.


German musician responds to Paris attacks with viral song

Watching a football match, a German singer-songwriter heard explosions. Alex Diehl wrote a song, shared it on Facebook - and reached millions with it. "Nur ein Lied" (Just a Song) now has English subtitles.


Daniel Libeskind: 'Berlin needs more architectural ambition'

The architect has a special relationship with Berlin: He calls it home and designed one of its landmark buildings, the Jewish Museum. DW asked Libeskind about his new projects, Berlin's style and his love for diamonds.


Hunger Games and the best fantasy films of the century

Hunger Games is back in cinemas this week with "Mockingjay - Part 2." The fantasy adventure series follows in the footsteps of a century of imaginative film backdrops. Here are our favorites.


Why Hitler stole paintings - and hid in one

Hitler hated non-traditional art so much that he confiscated thousands of works. Artists were shamed, modern pieces burned or sold for cash. A Berlin exhibition examines what Hitler did to art and why it matters.


From David Guetta to Rammstein: Our playlist for Paris

Paris is synonymous for love, luxury and lifestyle. The French capital inspires artists worldwide. Our Spotify playlist features 20 Paris songs from the new millennium.

Digital Culture

Anonymous hacktivists say they've taken down IS Twitter accounts

The international hacking network Anonymous has "declared war" on the "Islamic State" following Friday's fatal attacks in Paris. Now the movement reports that more than 5,500 Twitter accounts of ISIS are down.


The Top 10 music acts of the 80s from Germany

Synthesizers and stadium rock - German music led the way in defining the musical trends of the 80s. Cheaper and smaller synthesizers brought exciting new possibilities, and provided the basis for a new electronic Sound.


Helmut Schmidt's passion for politics and the arts

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who passed away on November 10, was a man of many talents. He was a skilled speaker and maintained a deep interest in art and music.


14 favorite German proverbs in illustrations

They've been around for centuries and there's one for every situation. Proverbs are a central part of language. DW illustrated 14 of the most beloved German proverbs. How many do you know?


Your favorite German proverbs

These wise sayings have held true for centuries. You shared your favorites after we presented 14 famous German proverbs in original illustrations. Here are your picks.


Eight Bridges Festival (pt. 1 of 2)

The motto of the most recent Eight Bridges Festival was "Music and Politics." This hour, music by Paul Dessau, Luigi Nono - and a world premiere by Marc Andre.


Eight Bridges Festival (pt. 2 of 2)

East German composer Friedrich Schenker wrote a piece about the Spanish Civil War of 1936 - and Gustav Mahler one about death.


Word of the Week: Schwippschwager

Remind me again how exactly we're related? This funny German word can help.