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Svetlana Alexievich: 'Reality has always attracted me like a magnet'

ImageThe Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to Svetlana Alexievich. The Belarusian writer and investigative journalist is lauded for her unique, and often harrowing, insights into life behind the Iron Curtain.


Scant applause for Alexievich in her home country

Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko congratulated her on her Nobel Prize for Literature only several hours after the announcement. Warmer recognition came from oppositional forces in the Country.


Hitler is 'back' - but did he ever leave?

In the film, "Look Who's Back," Hitler is "resurrected" and sent to the streets. He's met with cheers and selfies. Finally a film with black humor, says Sarah Hofmann, that shows how Germans have dealt with the past.


German DJ Felix Jaehn: How not to be a short-lived hype

It was a simple Tweet that informed Felix Jaehn he'd just landed a number one hit in the US. The young German DJ tells DW how he's avoiding the one-hit-wonder trap and what to expect on his new Album.


New Picasso show aims to deconstruct myth

Picasso isn't just an artist - he's an industry. A new exhibition at Paris' Grand Palais, however, endeavors to make sense of the man and the myth, through both his own work and that of his countless protégés.


John Lennon at 75: the man behind the music

John Lennon would have turned 75 on October 9. His music had a profound impact on the trajectory of popular culture, and his outspoken pleas for global peace remain as potent as ever, 35 years after his death.

Book Fair

Iran to boycott Frankfurt Book Fair because of Salman Rushdie

Iran's culture ministry announced Iranian representatives would not attend the Frankfurt Book Fair, citing writer Salman Rushdie's role there as the reason. Iran called on other Islamic countries to follow suit.


The cult of Apple: Steve Jobs on the big screen (again)

The premiere of the new biopic on Apple founder Steve Jobs has been met with wide approval at its premiere in New York. And much of the credit goes to its German-born lead actor, Michael Fassbender.


Desperate house wife: Why Charlotte Roche's new book isn't for modern women

After "Wetlands" and "Wrecked," Charlotte Roche's latest book is a manifesto for female sexual liberation. But for DW's Sarah Hofmann, the tale of a frustrated new mom who has sex with the nanny is rather anti-feminist.


Art superstar Damien Hirst opens London gallery

Damien Hirst is beginning a new career: as a gallery owner in London. The Newport Street Gallery will exhibit his personal art collection, which numbers in the thousands and includes the likes of Bacon and Picasso.


World's most expensive photographer gives solo exhibition in Germany

Stunning geometric and full of hidden details, Andreas Gursky's photographic artworks also comment on the impact of capitalism and globalization. He's sold the priciest photo of all time, and is now giving a solo show.


Henning Mankell: A crime writer who fought racism

Most famous for penning the adventures of Inspector Wallander, Henning Mankell had a passion for Africa, social justice and children's literature. He died on October 5, aged 67.


IS destroys Arch of Triumph in Syria's Palmyra

"Islamic State" militants have destroyed another monument in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. The Arch of Triumph is one of the city's most recognizable sites.


Gaultier's Madonna corset comes to Munich

The enfant terrible of the fashion scene, Jean Paul Gaultier is known for sailor stripes, bare skin and gender games. His creations are now on show in Munich.

Generation 25

Why Mori gave up mainstream life and moved to the forest

He quit his studies, packed up his flat, and moved to the forest to protest. What Mori does is illegal, so he now goes by a pseudonym. Visit Mori in the forest.

Generation 25

Tinder: One German woman's search for love in a new city

New town, new love. Such was Franziska's hope when she moved to Giessen. But when things went wrong, she started using the Tinder dating app. Chat with Franziska.


Listen: Sol Gabetta plays Beethoven and Chopin

Together with French pianist Bertrand Chamayou, Argentine megastar Sol Gabetta presents a program full of variations in Bonn's Beethoven Hall with music set to melodies from operas.


In cinemas: The forgotten story of the lawyer who took on Germany's Nazi past

Fritz Bauer was a man with a cause: to bring Nazi Germany's war criminals to justice. The trouble was, in prosperous post-war Germany, his mission was not popular. Bauer's story is now in cinemas.


Word of the Week: Streber

Be careful who you kiss up to. And learn this useful German word for social climbers first.