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Britain remembers 7/7 bombings amid growing terrorism threat

ImageBritain is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the London suicide bombings that killed some 52 people. British PM David Cameron said the last week's Tunisia attacks were a reminder that terrorism was as real as before.


Al-Shabab strikes town in northeast Kenya

The terrorist group al-Shabab is thought to be behind the most recent attack on a group of workers in Kenya. This is the latest in a string of attacks as the militants have become increasingly active in the country.

'Islamic State'

Obama: US 'intensifying' attacks on IS in Syria

The US is targeting the "heart" of the IS, US President Barack Obama said after a briefing with top military and security officials. After losing ground, the jihadists struck back against the Kurdish forces in Syria.


Iran nuclear deal deadline could be extended

The historic nuclear deal between Iran and global superpowers could be delayed. Foreign ministers of the P5+1 countries are still grappling with complex issues coming in the way of a lasting agreement.


Amnesty International: Refugees abused while passing through Balkans

Police beat migrants in Serbia and Macedonia, and force them to pay bribes, Amnesty International has claimed. Thousands of refugees travel through those countries every year, in an attempt to sneak across the EU border.

United States

South Carolina votes to remove racially divisive Confederate flag

South Carolina's senators have passed a bill to take down a Confederate flag from the State House in Columbia. Long denounced as a symbol of slavery, the flag had come under fire after last month's Charleston killings.


Chinese stocks plummet again

Shares listed on the Shanghai and Shenzen blue-chip indices fell sharply on Tuesday despite measures to brake plunging prices. At the weekend, the government halted IPOs and announced fresh funds to prop up the markets.


Girl dies in failed bomb attack on Nigeria mosque

A girl, aged about 13, has died after explosives strapped to her body exploded close to a major mosque in the northern Nigerian city of Kano. The incident bore the hallmarks of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram.


Thailand releases 14 anti-coup student protestors

A court in Thailand has released over a dozen students held for two weeks for protesting against the military's coup last year. The students were breaking a ban on public gatherings.

Catholic Church

Hundreds of thousands flock to Pope's outdoor Mass in Ecuador

Pope Francis has spent the second day of his South American tour in Ecuador, with around half a million people attending a special midday Mass. It is his second visit to the continent since he became pontiff.


German chancellor to head to the Balkans

As the Greece crisis unfolds, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will travel to the western Balkans. The region currently resembles something of a club of EU aspirants - with economic and political issues aplenty.

Court Cases

Neo-Nazi suspect Beate Zschäpe gets new lawyer

A Munich court has appointed another defender for Beate Zschäpe, the main figure in Germany's trial of neo-Nazi suspects accused of a series of racist killings. The trial has been running since 2013.

Bilateral relations

Vietnam and US inching closer together

The head of Vietnam's Communist Party, Nguyen Phu Trong, is embarking on an official three-day visit to the US in an attempt to rekindle bilateral relations amid China's growing clout in the region.


Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub dies at 77

The famed producer of "The Karate Kid" and "Ocean's Eleven," Jerry Weintraub, has died at his home in Santa Barbara, California. Weintraub was 77 and died of cardiac arrest.

Eurozone crisis

Opinion: French-German cooperation not at risk

While Germany has reached its limit of patience with Greece, France is campaigning for more understanding towards Athens. But Greece shouldn't pin its hopes on Hollande, writes DW's Andreas Noll.


Why Greece won't trigger a global crisis

Limited private sector exposure and massive public sector intervention means little risk of financial contagion spreading from Greece. But there is one area of uncertainty: European politics, says DW's Spencer Kimball.


One year on, Israelis near Gaza feel forgotten

A year after it began, the Israel-Gaza conflict has almost disappeared from Israeli public discourse. Residents of the country's war-stricken south are hardly optimistic about the future. Dana Regev reports from Sderot.


Kyrgios denies 'tanking' and brands former Olympic champion 'blatant racist'

Entertaining or arrogant? Nick Kyrgios has split opinions at Wimbledon for his antics on court. But the Australian youngster has since clashed with one of the country's greatest Olympians over allegations of racism.


Mayweather stripped of WBO title

After beating Manny Pacquiao in the fight billed as 'The Fight of the Century', Mayweather has lost his WBO title for failing to comply with the organization's match regulations.