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Deadly attacks on Tajik ministries, US embassy shuts

ImageTwo attacks in and around Tajikistan's capital, purportedly linked to the deputy defense minister, have left at least eight police dead. The US embassy was closed immediately, and warned of more possible violence.


Cameron: More Syrian refugees, more aid money

British Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed that the UK will accept thousands more Syrians and provide extra financial aid to address the refugee crisis. Spain's prime minister has called for a Europe-wide approach.


EU Commissioners on Kos tell Greece to end the chaos

After the drowning of two children in the Aegean between Turkey and Kos, European commissioners have visited the Greek island. Conditions for refugees must urgently be improved, they said. Bernd Riegert reports from Kos.


Syrian suspects charged over refugee deaths

Four Syrians have been charged over the drownings of 12 Syrian asylum seekers, including 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi. The child whose death shocked the world has been buried in his hometown alongside his mother and brother.


Flies in the ointment of Germany's refugee policy

Angela Merkel has won praise in the international press after showing moral leadership in the refugee crisis. But this has masked the German government's efforts to reduce the number of asylum seekers.


Alarmed, but willing to help: How Germans feel about the surge of refugees

West and East Germans tend to view the flood of refugees currently pouring into the country differently. East Germans, a survey shows, tend to be more anxious.


Meth behind mass poisoning in Germany

Police responding to a call for help at a convention center in northern Germany found 30 people in a zombie-like state. It's not yet clear what exactly was going on, but it looks as if methamphetamine was involved.


Village in Sierra Leone quarantined after Ebola death

A village of almost 1,000 people in Sierra Leone has been placed under quarantine following the death of 67-year-old woman from Ebola. Forty-eight people are considered high risk but have yet to show any symptoms.

United States

Clinton says 'sorry' for email confusion

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said she is sorry that her use of a personal email account as secretary of state has caused confusion. She is facing criticism from opponents over the issue.


Saudi Arabia accepts Obama's assurance on Iran nuclear deal

On a visit to Washington, Saudi Arabia's King Salman has been assured on the terms for the Iran nuclear deal by President Barack Obama. Discussions on military technology and weapons systems were also on the agenda.

United States

Rural Kentucky town lifts gay marriage ban

Four gay couples have been issued marriage licenses in a small Kentucky town following the jailing of county clerk Kim Davis. The devout Christian defied a federal judge's orders to authorize same-sex unions.

United Kingdom

UK euroskeptic party pushes for 'Brexit'

The anti-European Union UK Independence Party has launched a campaign for Britain to exit the EU. The right-wing party has kicked off its campaign ahead of a planned in-or-out referendum by the end of 2017.


Putin blames US for migrant crisis in Europe

Vladimir Putin has blamed Europe's migrant crisis on the US, for imposing its standards on the Middle East and Africa while failing to understand their culture and traditions. Emma Burrows reports from Moscow.


Parties post 'modest progress' on climate talks

Negotiations toward a new global climate change treaty wrapped up in Bonn with participants praising modest progress made. The slow pace, however, continues to be criticized - and many tricky topics remain.


Opinion: The return of the repressed

There are people on social media and Internet forums who speak harshly about refugees. These people are the ones who do not take part in the general debate, something which gives cause for concern, says Kersten Knipp.

National Team

Mario Götze inspires Germany to thrilling win over Poland

Remember the name? Bayern Munich benchwarmer Mario Götze stole German hearts once again, as he inspired his country to a vital win over Poland on Friday night in Frankfurt. The game was a joy to watch throughout.


Too big, too small - Cologne postpones vote, prints new ballots

Just days ahead of a mayoral election on September 13, the Cologne electoral commission declared thousands of postal votes invalid. The problem: the size of letters on the ballot slips. The election has been postponed.


Season of change at the Beethovenfest

"Before one can portray something, one must embody it," Beethoven once said. Beethovenfest director Nike Wagner seems to take the saying seriously. This year's festival program is all about change.


The power of iconography: How Aylan Kurdi's picture moved the world

What makes a photograph iconic? Why do some images touch us more than others? Felix Hoffmann, curator of Berlin's C|O Gallery, talks to DW about the power of a picture.


Opinion: One fried stock, please!

While Chinese investors can't seem to satiate their hunger for domestic shares, the Germans are avoiding them like the plague. But there are plenty of exceptions, according to our columnist Zhang Danhong.