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US President Obama pays respects to victims of Paris attacks at Bataclan music venue

ImageUS President Barack Obama has joined French President Francois Hollande to pay his respects to the victims of the Paris attacks. He is in the French capital to attend the UN climate conference.


Hazardous smog blankets Beijing as climate talks kick off in Paris

China has issued the highest pollution alert of the year, as dangerous smog that is more than 20 times healthy limits engulfs Beijing. The alert comes as world leaders convene in Paris to strike a climate deal.


Turkey, EU agree 3-billion-euro aid deal to stem migrant crisis

Turkey and the European Union (EU) have agreed on a plan to tackle the record influx of migrants into Europe. The bloc has promised Turkey 3 billion euros in aid money and renewed talks on its EU membership.


Officials: Hamburg votes 'No' in 2024 Olympics referendum

A slight majority of Hamburg's residents have decided to vote against hosting the 2024 Olympics. The remaining candidate cities are now Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Budapest.


Japan set to resume whaling operations

Tokyo has defended its decision to continue whaling, describing its hunt as scientific research. The Japanese fleet is ready to set sail despite an international ban on whaling for meat.


China, Taiwan swap spies in sign of improving relations

Taiwan says it has exchanged spies with longtime foe China for the first time. The exchange took place as a goodwill gesture ahead of the first meeting between the two country's leaders earlier this month.


Pope: Muslims and Christians are 'brothers and sisters'

Pope Francis has spoken in a mosque in one of the most volatile neighborhoods in Central African Republic. The country has experienced two years of almost non-stop religious violence.


Two Israelis found guilty over death of Palestinian teen

Two minors have been found guilty of the kidnapping and murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir. The third suspect has had his verdict delayed after a last minute insanity plea.


Thousands mourn Kurdish lawyer Tahir Elci in Turkey

Thousands of people have attended the funeral of Tahir Elci, a prominent Kurdish lawyer and human rights activist who was gunned down in Turkey. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has vowed to catch the perpetrators.


South Korea passes free-trade bill with China

Korea's parliament has ratified a free-trade agreement with China, removing most tariffs between Asia's largest and fourth-largest economies, while leaving curbs on rice and automobiles in place.

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Scientists offer new perspective on Russian jet downing

Physicists from Belgium have used mathematics to show that neither Russia's nor Turkey's version of the downing of a military jet adds up. Turkey's downing of the Russian jet has strained relations between the countries.


Myanmar leaders to meet Suu Kyi this week

Despite winning the November 8 election in Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi has yet to get clarification from the country's president. Talks on the country's political future are due to take place on Wednesday.


Italian Prime Minister Renzi criticizes headmaster for banning Christmas concert

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has weighed in on the debate over a headmaster banning a Christmas concert at his school in northern Italy. Renzi called the headmaster's interference "a very big mistake."


Leverkusen, Schalke draw in unproductive match

Leverkusen and Schalke played out an unproductive draw, exchanging goals in the second half. Both sides have hit a rut in form, and there were few signs either side is close to climbing out of it.


US basketball star Kobe Bryant announces retirement

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has announced his plan to retire at the end of the current season. Bryant is in his 20th season in the NBA and has played for the Lakers his entire career.


Andy Murray seals Davis Cup win for Great Britain

Andy Murray keeps making history in the name of his country and on the last Sunday in November 2015, he helped lift Great Britain's first Davis Cup in nearly 80 years with some solid tennis.


Formula One: Rosberg wins season finale in Abu Dhabi

Although the title was long decided, Nico Rosberg reminded Lewis Hamilton that he's not far behind in the final race of the 205 Formula One season. The excitement has already started to build for the new season.


Bundesliga: Gonzalo Castro holds Dortmund steady

Gonzalo Castro's performance was pivotal to Borussia Dortmund's victory against Stuttgart. There were plenty of others who contributed, but one of them was not the captain, who watched on from the bench.


Commentary: EU-Turkey Summit: Historic?

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu considers the summit a historic one. EU leaders call it a success. For whom is the outcome really good, asks DW’s Seda Serdar.


Financing climate protection

Money will be a big topic at the upcoming climate summit talks in Paris. Countries are negotiating who will pay for climate safety measures, how much money will be on the table, how to raise it - and how to spend it.


Climate talk: decoding the global warming jargon

As delegates prepare to meet for the global climate summit in Paris, we decode the meaning behind some of the key terms being thrown around in the international debate.


Steam engine to Exxon: The evolution of climate science

As politicians debate how to halt the warming of the planet, some 200 years of climate science provide the basis for their deliberations. But this science hasn't always been a given.


AfD upbraids Merkel, migrants at Hanover party congress

Alternative for Germany is holding its annual convention in Hanover. The faction that hung on to the initials after the AfD's stunning split this summer intends to venture into the future united.


Putin's anti-'Islamic State' coalition dilemma

The downing of a Russian bomber leaves Putin with some tough decisions. Will he change his views on Assad and join a broader anti-"IS" coalition or stick with an alliance of two with Iran? Fiona Clark reports.

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#climatechange: End of the world as we know it

Meet two young people dealing with effects from climate change today: A Pacific Islander likely forced to move in her lifetime and a Scandinavian whose traditional reindeer grazing grounds are disappearing.